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SolSeed Retreats offers adventure and wellness retreats to exotic, off-the-beaten-path locations. We aim to build community and broaden our perspectives through experiential travel. We believe whole heartedly that traveling changes lives. Take the leap and join us on your next adventure abroad! For more info, visit All offers of travel are not valid to residents of Washington, California, Iowa, Hawaii and Florida.

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I had a wonderful time. Great scenery, well organized tours, will definitely recommend. Thank you!
The island of San Miguel, Azores is an easy direct destination. It is empatative that you check on where you are staying on the island or you will spend more time in a van or car than relaxing, hiking or practicing yoga. There are beautiful vistas, great food and wonderful people on this island. Sadly we only had one practice a day and that was in a studio without any heat, a concrete floor that held the damp cold of the season, and no time before practice to even warm our bodies due to a scheduled meditation which excluded any prepatory practice. The inn’s owners were lovely and insured we had amazing food served largely from their own garden. But due to being in the heart of the older orange grove arigrucultural area where the roads were narrow without sidewalksand blocked on either side by high walls, all with gnashing and feriocious guard dogs that stalked and barked at everyone passing, So that walking anywhere was taking your life in your own hands to avoid being killed by the maniacal Portuguese drivers, The levels of our fellow travelers were quite Aires’s between those who had never practiced to those of us who were looking to experience the “ Primal Adventures with Todd Sklogund” that was promised when we signed on. Sadly “Primary Experience” would have been a better description of our retreat. Think twice before booking your trip!
This trip was a soul nourishing experience. It included daily yoga, but so much more. We stayed in an outstanding guest house (MINUVIDA) where the hosts shared their passion for fresh, locally grown food - much of it from their gardens and orchards - and for the beautiful island on which they live. We loved the hikes, vistas, and hot springs. Sol Seed Retreats, and owner Kristin in particular, could not have been nicer or more helpful. She was informative in preparing us for the trip, and was available to assist with special needs and requests while we were there.