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Escorted Egypt Trip hosted by Kris & Ron!
Escorted Egypt Trip hosted by Kris & Ron!
Luxor, Luxor City, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt
01 Oct, 2023

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The organization was excellent, the tours, the food and everything extra that Vivian did to make us feel good, But I would just like to have more cultural tours next time. Thank you so much Vivian!!
By Margarita S for Ladies Touch Travel LGBTQ Womxn's Thailand Trip! on 21 Dec, 2022
Ahhh Phuket is not as cultural as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, etc...it's more beach, tropical, and nightlife which makes it special but we have other tours that are more cultural that you can enjoy. Glad you felt good! See you on the next adventure!
By Ladies Touch Travel on 21 Dec, 2022
Had a great time with Vivian and new found friends. Definitely booking with her again to Colombia and can’t wait to experience Ladies Touch Travel in Cartengena.
By Arletha F for Ladies Touch Travel LGBTQ Womxn's Thailand Trip! on 19 Dec, 2022
Thank you Flu! Glad you found us on TikTok! Thailand was a FULL experience and I'm looking forward to the Cartagena adventures! Happy Holidays!
By Ladies Touch Travel on 19 Dec, 2022
I'd like to throw my hands up in the air for Ladiestouch Travel!! This trip was at the top of the charts for me. The accommodations were comfortable and relaxing. The ambiance in the Villa had a flow of nothing but positive energy and the food was delicious with various foods to chose from. The staff at the Villa was very hospitable and attentive. The excursions were fun, exciting and an experience of a lifetime which I will never forget. Each trip I've attended adds a little something to my life!! This trip healed my soul and my heart. I met the most beautiful women who were also on this Amazing trip. Thank you Ladiestouch Travel for my wonderful experience. See you in Capetown🙏🏽🕉🏳️‍🌈❤️
By Annette R for Ladies Touch Travel LGBTQ Womxn's Thailand Trip! on 13 Dec, 2022
Yeeeeeiiii glad you enjoyed! Good times for sure! See you in South Africa!!
By Ladies Touch Travel on 15 Dec, 2022


My trip to phuket Thailand was so wonderful. From Vivian to the wonderful women on the trip. We laughed, sang, discover things only for the strong to see. But I really enjoyed myself. Looking forward to South Africa next. To meet more awesome women..
By Donna D on 15 Dec, 2022
I have known Vivian for many years and this has been the second time I have had the opportunity to travel with her. The first was Belize and that was AMAZING! Which means I knew that I would not be disappointed on this second trip which was to Cartagena, Colombia. From the place we stayed, to the excursions, to the hanging out, all of it was top notch. We had so much fun and I was able to hang with a few of the girls that were on my Belize trip. The best thing is making lasting friendships with the women you travel with! Ladies Touch Travel is where I know I will be able to see the world and place check marks on my bucket lists. If you haven't booked a trip... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING!! I highly recommend booking and traveling with Ladies Touch Travel because Vivian is the hostess with the mostest and she will make sure you are taken care of. OOOOHHHH Ladies Touch, Ladies Touch... OOOHHHH Ladies Touch, Ladies Touch!
By Carmen S on 29 Dec, 2021
I have now been on 3 trips with ladies touch. Vivian is amazing and always takes care of every detail. I am an ally and I have the most fun on these trips. I have made friends for life. Many more trips are in my future with ladies touch. I HIGHLY recommend.
By Lizet A on 28 Dec, 2021