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Laura Amazzone, M.A. is a teacher, writer, intuitive healer, yogini and initiated priestess in the Shakta Tantra and Sri Vidya tradition of India and Nepal. She has been traveling to and studying the Goddess-centered history, culture, rituals and practices of South Asia since 1998. She is the author of the award-winning book, “Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power.” She has published numerous articles within the fields of Hinduism, Tantra and Women’s Spirituality. Laura teaches in the Yoga Philosophy program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She is also a columnist for the online Sutra Journal: a curated journal on art, spirituality, culture and dharma. Laura offers a diverse array of Goddess-centered teachings, rituals, spiritual practices, pilgrimages and retreats that promote spiritual empowerment and divine embodiment. About Guest Yoga Instructor Lindsay Isola: Lindsay Isola has over 12 years of practice and 700 hours of training with Annie Carpenter, Stephanie Snyder and Katchie Ananda. Her classes create a space for students to explore movement, transition, and deep self inquiry. Students are invited to develop a connection with their body, breath and heart, guiding them toward peace, ease and a greater sense of Self. The forest has always been a refuge and seat for healing. Within nature, Lindsay has been able to cultivate and develop a deep relationship with herself and all that surrounds her. Lindsay will guide us through asana practice that will allow us to embody the Goddess and Nature, Herself. She is excited to integrate Laura's rich and transformative teachings and knowledge, into asana practices that support, nurture and ignite us as we move through this very special and beautiful journey. PRAISES from previous pilgrimages~ ​ Having married the excitement of a cultural retreat to the transformational capacity of a spiritual pilgrimage, Laura has crafted an adventure that is as much of an inward journey as it is a sensory and intellectual thrill. A well-balanced and highly accessible immersion in the teachings and practices of Hindu and Buddhist goddess worship, this trip is for the intellectual and the long-term devotee, the young and the mature. I highly recommend this pilgrimage for those looking to learn new aspects of themselves, deepen their relationships with their practices, be introduced to world renowned healers, and contextualize things they've heard or seen about Nepalese culture. Expect to make new best friends, eat tons of delicious food, and take stunning photographs along the way! I will certainly be back for more. ~Y.E. ​ I am in such deep gratitude to Laura Amazzone for her spiritual knowledge and devotion, both of which are truly amazing and were visibly seen and felt on this journey. Our days began with relaxing and centering breathing exercises and devotional chanting which carried through to the many sites of devotion we visited in and around the Kathmandu Valley, where we were the only “tourists” at many. Laura’s knowledge of the Valley and its many sites of the goddess is phenomenal. She is an amazing teacher, scholar, clairvoyant and leader and kept us on track with a sense of wonder and joy through and through. Her energy is contagious and Shakti-full! Since I’ve been home people have commented on my radiance in photos and in person. While I own a portion of this radiance, I truly believe much of it is due to the spiritual depths of this trip and Laura’s daily support and guidance. Jai Maa ~C.L. Traveling to Nepal with Shakta Yogini priestess Laura Amazzone is the real deal. It is a true journey into the world of origin both inside of one's own heart & mind & in the heart of the Kathmandu Valley, source & home of many now nearly forgotten female goddesses. Laura's work is deep, precise, scholarly, fierce & will, if you enter it earnestly, guide you into levels of energy & awakening that simply are not parlor games nor dalliances. The trip was smoothly orchestrated & supportive. You will be safe, cared for & guided as you embark on this demanding beautiful journey into the wild & complex lands of Nepal & Shakta Tantra. Laura Amazzone will lead you to places in the Valley that few even know exist & so it is within one's own psyche. It is a privileged path to take--one of deep beauty, color, invigoration, rigor, honor & sacred respect for the feminine divine in all humans-- it is a path of unification with that which is nearly lost within us & without. If you are reading this, you are blessed to be considering this pilgrimage. Truly, it is my joy to know & work with & call Laura friend & sister Dakini. ~H.M. The adventure to Nepal with Laura was a very special life experience that ignited my fire and love for the goddess, my practice and my understanding of goddess worship, all whilst enjoying the company of other wonderful women, witnessing the beauty of the goddess in all her forms. Laura started the day with a lovely sadhana, which aligned body and spirit for the day ahead. The pilgrimage days were varied from meandering the myriad of mysterious goddess temples that enchant as much as bewilder to chasing a living goddess down the city streets of Kathmandu, and receiving shamanic insights from one of the 13 ancient grandmothers, singing with friends new and old and finishing off the day with a massage or a meander around the night markets where Tibetan bowls, rugs and ancient wares are sure to tempt. It was a treat for the senses and I will definitely return to this ancient magical city again soon. I recommend this adventure to anyone who desires to deepen their understanding and relationship with the goddess. The way the Nepalese culture mix the sacred and profane in a bizarre and yet beauteous dance enables the mind to expand in a myriad of ways, which in essence is what true spiritual awakening is all about. There is no better guide than the great goddess & devotee Laura Amazzone who gently and wisely guides one through this deep inner and outer pilgrimage to realms known and unknown, supporting the ultimate quest to expand ones own inner heart. Thank you Thank you, I am so grateful!" ~I.M. I signed up for this trip not really knowing what I was getting myself into, but with a feeling that this was something I really needed to do. Laura was so lovely and emailed with me back and forth about ALL my questions and concerns, goddess or life related! The trip itself was an amazing, intense, surreal experience. I arrived in Kathmandu knowing only what I had read about in Laura's book, and I left with an understanding and love for theses goddesses, people, and culture. And I felt truly protected and safe the whole time. Laura and her assistant, Catherine made sure of that. This trip changed my life. I would encourage anyone who had the chance to travel and learn from Laura to do it as often as possible. JAI MAA! ~M.M


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Yoginis, Devis & Yakshis: Spring Pilgrimage to Nepal
Yoginis, Devis & Yakshis: Spring Pilgrimage to Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal and a special Forest Sanctuary in the lap of the Himalayas
Mar. 24, 2017