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Journey to the Heart
Journey to the Heart
Provincia de Guanacaste, Tierras Morenas, Costa Rica
27 Jan, 2024

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LA ESENCIA: Awaken Your Soul Yoga Retreat 2020
LA ESENCIA: Awaken Your Soul Yoga Retreat 2020
Mystica Lodge & Retreats, COSTA RICA
15 Feb, 2020


I'm still dreaming about this wonderful experience at Mystica Resort and Yoga Retreat. It was the perfect combination of beautiful people, (including every single staff member), very clean and comfortable accommodations, and excellent organically grown (on the premises) and delicious meals. The whole experience including the wonderful meditations, yoga sessions, singing bowls session, massage and infrared sauna experiences were a delight to the senses. Kaylan and Lauren, our yoga instructors, went above and beyond in planning this experience and it was more than I ever thought it would be. The schedule allowed for lots of time to process, journal, read, connect with other people and simply enjoy this beautiful facility. The landscaping and colorful signs and the gorgeous sanctuary where we had yoga was surrounded by tropical sounds, comfortable breezes and surprise visits from toucans. The field trip to a farm was excellent, where we tasted so many tropical fruits and learned all about the fauna and how coffee and chocolate are grown and are used. I especially loved our afternoon at the hot springs. We met other interesting people from Australia, which added to the experience. The day trip to Hermosa Beach was a real treat with a gorgeous private beach and restaurant. The only down side of this retreat was leaving! The owners, Francesco, Lori and Barbara were delightful, very talented, kind and interesting people who added another dimension to this experience. I am already dreaming about doing it again! I can't say enough about this place and these people and I wouldn't go anywhere else!
By Marie G for LA ESENCIA: Awaken Your Soul Yoga Retreat 2020 on Mar 05, 2020
Lauren and Kaylan did a terrific job of planning and executing this experience for all of us. They were helpful with travel planning, and gave excellent advice for packing. There was an excellent balance of yoga time, free time, and extraordinary outings. Our group was made up of people With varying degrees of yoga experience, and from every decade of age from the 20’s to the 70’s; all seemed thrilled with the experience. The venue for this , Mystica Lodge and Retreats was a tropical paradise with the most accommodating hosts and support staff. The food was fresh, healthy and delicious (wow! The desserts!) The yoga sanctuary nestled among the trees and the sounds of a brook and small waterfall was perfectly conducive for calm. Kudos to Lauren and Kaylan.
By Irene S for LA ESENCIA: Awaken Your Soul Yoga Retreat 2020 on Mar 02, 2020
THIS TRIP WAS AMAZING!♥️Lauren and Kaylan led a a retreat that did exactly what it was meant to do~ “Awaken the Soul” ! I must say this was a real awakening start for me surrounded by the loving , welcoming , caring ownership and staff at Mystica Hotel and Lodge ! Everything from the arrival to the departure - food, atmosphere , day trips , soul searching , wellness services, and just overall feeling of “love” was magical and truly needs to be experienced to feel what was felt here on this journey! Thank you both for sharing With ya the owners of Mystica- Lori, Francesco, Barbara and their entire staff with us. This place is a definite gem to visit which will forever hold space in my heart ! ♥️??Thank you Ladies !
By Lisa P for LA ESENCIA: Awaken Your Soul Yoga Retreat 2020 on Feb 29, 2020