Past Trips


This 11 11 11 Meditation Intensive was wonderful. Jared is a gem, he is as inspirational as funny! The 3 online meetings per week were perfect to keep up the good work. Such a great initiative that made me enjoy meditating and gave me the motivation to install a lasting meditation routine. Thank you!
By Marie P for Eleven eleven eleven on Jun 19, 2023
It was an absolute pleasure to be submerged in yoga, meditation, anatomy and more in such an amazing space. The way jarred and Rebecca lead their ytts really allows you grow as a teacher. Highly highly just must experience this yourself
By Carolina V for Sicily 300hr Teacher Training with Jared McCann on May 26, 2023
I don't even know where to begin in regards to my gratitude towards Lighthouse, Jared, Rebecca... and everyone who worked there. I was so happy to see that Jared was doing a meditation intensive that I could join. The two meditations that I did this winter really helped balance me. A very fun part of the meditation that I was not expecting is that I am no longer in any pain. For ages, I have had back pain that goes from nagging to debilitating. Initially, when I started the intensive, sitting caused a lot of pain in my lower back. However, as the intensive progressed, I noticed the pain dissipating. Just this morning, I had a patient (I'm an acupuncturist) talking about how they wake up stiff every morning. That used to happen to me nearly everyday, but since starting my meditation practice, it hasn't happened once. I am frankly floored at this unexpected response to the intensive! I have read a lot about the power of meditation when it comes to pain but I hadn't yet experienced it! So cool!
By Ellie L for Halo of Light on May 08, 2023


لقد اهديتها الزهور و كم احبت ذلك كثيرا
By Marim S on 18 Sep, 2023
By Shimaa M on 17 Sep, 2023
معلم أول أ لغة عربية خبرة 23 عام فى المدارس الحكومية والتجريبيات متضمنة خمس سنوات بالمدارس الدولية حتى الان يتم العمل بها ومنسق لمادة اللغة العربية
By hayam on 10 Sep, 2023