This retreat was long anticipated and exceeded all of my expectations! The resort/location was amazing, the food was 5 star and plentiful and the classes were the BEST! I loved our group and the people I met too. The only suggestions I would make would be to spread out the timing of the excursions, allowing us to take both morning classes and eat brunch without feeling so rushed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love you poured into this incredible experience. I truly feel restored and energized.
By Lisa B for Yoga + Hot Pilates with Linda and Leroy 2024 on Feb 15, 2024
The trip was really well organized, with a set workout schedule and lots of good food. I met a lot of amazing people on the trip and made a lot of great memories. The only thing I would request is that the workouts start earlier in the morning so that we have more time to enjoy the day before the evening workout. I can't wait for next year's trip!
By Sophia V for Yoga + Hot Pilates with Linda and Leroy 2023 on Mar 17, 2023
The 2023 Yoga + Pilates Mashup was amazing! Linda and Leroy are the best and most motivating instructors - truly inspirational. The Amansala resort in Tulum is incredible! This was my third trip and I’m ready to sign up for 2024 now!! For me the experience is truly plug and play. I don’t have to make any decisions, or plans, in Tulum if I don’t want to. While at the same time, they have a great set of curated and affordable activities if you like.
By Nicole N for Yoga + Hot Pilates with Linda and Leroy 2023 on Mar 14, 2023