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LindaFit Lifestyle Retreats  - Sicilian Splendor
LindaFit Lifestyle Retreats - Sicilian Splendor
96100 Syracuse, Free municipal consortium of Syracuse, Italy
15 Sep, 2024


The trip was a wonderful experience. Linda and Mark worked so,hard to make sure everyone had a wonderful time. All the people who attended were friendly, interesting and grateful to be a part of the trip. We had wonderful guides for the day trips to Siena and Perugia. The farm was very peaceful and provided excellent meals.
By Fredda B for LindaFit Lifestyle Retreats: La Bella Vita (copy) on Sep 06, 2023
We had such an incredible time on this trip. Mark and Linda fostered a welcoming and fun environment. The trip itself was the perfect blend of fitness, relaxation, and sightseeing. Everything was so thoughtfully organized. The group meals were also a highlight of the trip.
By Jessica C for LindaFit Lifestyle Retreats: La Bella Vita (copy) (copy) on Sep 06, 2023
I had a wonderful trip thanks to LindaFit’s wonderful and careful planning of each day. The written directions she had sent and kept updating until the last minute were clear and helpful, the accommodations were comfortable, the yoga/ Pilates and Qigong activities were fantastic, the planned group excursions were interesting and educational, and the food at the retreat was unbelievably good. I truly enjoyed every minute of this trip thanks to Linda and Mark who researched and planned this wonderful vacation for a diverse group of people who enjoyed being together and are still connecting through a group chat. It was one of my best group traveling experiences. Highly recommended!
By Orna M for LindaFit Lifestyle Retreats: La Bella Vita on Sep 05, 2023