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Sarga 101 in Madison, WI (November 2024)
Sarga 101 in Madison, WI (November 2024)
Barefoot Hands, 600 Williamson Street, Suite P, Madison, WI 53703
01 Nov, 2024


A great and very knowledgeable instructor! Lisa, the course, the location, were all superb. She was great at answering any questions and giving us each of us a demo so we were capable of giving each other valuable feedback which I really appreciated. I’m excited to apply all of the knowledge to my practice!
By Monique E for Sarga 101 in Southington, Connecticut (October 2023) on Oct 22, 2023
It was amazing! Lisa is a miracle worker and had the best tips for some of the more difficult techniques. I'm so happy to have come and taken the class from Lisa. :D
By Teresa C for Sarga 102 in Southington, Connecticut (August 2023) on Aug 22, 2023
It was incredible to finally learn these techniques in person. Met amazing people in the class too.
By Teresa C for Sarga 101 in Southington, Connecticut (August 2023) on Aug 20, 2023