This trip was a great trip for those that do not have the room in their schedule for one of the longer retreats. We all bonded and supported each other and the venue was so quaint and pretty.
By Shanna E for SisterRoot 2023 on Sep 18, 2023
This trip was absolutely changing. Having time to reflect and to just relax made the trip wonderful. It was great that we gave everyone space and grace to listen to our hearts and bodies. Embracing each other physically and mentally was the best. I was glad it was a small group because I think any larger and the grace might not have been granted as easily.
By Shanna E for The Queen's Royal Retreat on Aug 15, 2023
This experience was life-changing. I felt held and raised up at the same time. The accommodations were lovely; the food was delicious; the laughs were infectious; and the teaching was so powerful. I am still trying to process all of the material and I know it will take me much more time to do so, which makes me very happy. I was able to develop relationships with other women who are also walking their path toward feeling more fulfilled and it feels very empowering to share this growth opportunity and to build friendships with them. Sarah is a blessing in my life and I will always feel grateful to hold her in my heart.
By Sandra W for P2V2 Women’s Leadership Retreat on Jul 17, 2023


The words I use to describe the Paris retreat don't do it justice, yet here goes--absolutely incredible, life changing, deeply moving, fabulously fun, and pinch me. The morning meetings were so powerful; the conversations, connections, and friendships we all made were magical; and the activities were over-the-top and fabulous. I could go on and on. Bottom line, I left Paris feeling like a new woman in so many ways--and the connections and energy continue...
By Debbie N on 07 Jul, 2022