Past Trips


Liya Garber attracts amazing energetics in her retreats. I have gone to two now, and the transparent support and love from the entire group is consistent from trip to trip. Add in sleeping in the coolness of a Costa Rican rainforest, sultry beach afternoons on the Caribbean, and Samasati's amazing vegetarian fare. Whatever you are working on personally, clear your energy and get "unstuck" here.
By Kim C for The Cosmic Heart: A Heart Healing Kundalini Yoga Retreat on Feb 22, 2019
I cannot express my gratitude enough for this truly transformative experience. Liya attracted in a group of beautiful souls for a potent week of uncovering, clearing and creating. Liya's intuitive and healing nature led the creation of a safe, sacred space which made it possible to really open my heart and surrender. The practices were potent and I've taken a deeper understanding and devotion to my practice with me as a result. The land, activities and the nourishment all were thoughtfully interwoven with the yoga and made for an unforgettable week. Thank you Liya for being an ally and having a profound impact on my heart!
By Camilla F for The Aquarian Shift: A Transformative Kundalini Yoga Retreat on Oct 29, 2018
This retreat was a unique life changing experience! I have taken classes with Liya for about three years, and she is the best kundalini teacher I know. I’ve met a lot of kundalini teachers, I’ve taken seminars in NY from most of the famous instructors who were Yogi Bhajan students, but no one has the strength, truthfulness and love that Liya has. I have always enjoyed Liya’s classes, but starting classes at 4am in the middle of the jungle in this wonderful hotel, and hearing birds and monkeys at sunrise was a dream experience. The hotel staff was extremely polite, the food excellent, and the activities very well chosen. The group got closer day by day and we could feel each one of us getting rid of harmful habits, and becoming radiant! I plan to go to the next retreat Liya does in Samasari. Thanks Liya for everything!
By Martha S for The Aquarian Shift: A Transformative Kundalini Yoga Retreat on Oct 29, 2018