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Let's Move! A 1-Day Pilates Vacation
Let's Move! A 1-Day Pilates Vacation
The Luminary Farm, 3100 Finley Rd. Danville, CA
18 May, 2019


Louise is simply the best. Her retreat was the perfect blend of movement —challenging, yet relaxing; informative yet playful. She somehow manages to integrate pilates, yoga, mindfulness, fun and delicious food into a delightful day that feels like a great escape. Can’t wait for the next one!
By Joanne L for Let's Move! A 1-Day Pilates Vacation on 27 May, 2019
Great fun day!
By Joanne B for Let's Move! A 1-Day Pilates Vacation on 27 May, 2019
Louise did such a lovely job of anticipating our needs: she took care of every detail (food, drink, comfort, space, logistics) both ahead of and during the retreat. Even when we were hit with totally unexpected weather challenges (rain in Nor Cal in May!?!), Louise made sure the day went off without a hitch. I was worried about my own physical abilities to handle a whole day of pilates/yoga (really only about 3 hours' worth). But, as I should have known, Louise was able to accommodate the participants' different levels of abilities. It was so FUN (and hard and rewarding). Because of Louise, I won't doubt myself again when the next retreat opportunity comes up. In addition to Louise herself, there were others recruited by her who made the day so enjoyable: Callie (sp?) who made us healthy and super yummy food; Ben who provided massages; and James who provided one of my favorite parts of the day - the "sound bath." Just a really delightful and nourishing day. Thank you Louise!!
By Kristin L for Let's Move! A 1-Day Pilates Vacation on 22 May, 2019