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This was a wonderful one-day retreat. It totally recharged me. Great yoga, great food, fantastic instructor... basically an all-around awesome day. Thank you, Maile!!
By Holly Weber for Green Gulch Retreat Day : May 21 on Jun 02, 2023
The day was great, and I am glad I went. Maile paced the yoga and other activities -lunch, walk to the beach, free time_ very well. She is a wonderful yoga teacher, and the setting was lovely.
By Lorraine Bader for Green Gulch Retreat Day : May 21 on May 23, 2023
The yoga retreat and the entire Galapagos Island experience with Maile Sivert were absolutely fantastic! I signed up for this event expecting to attend a couple of the yoga classes and mostly enjoy the flora and fauna of the Galapagos. But because Maile is such a great yoga instructor (and was able to readily accommodate my very limited yoga experience while still offering a challenge to the more experienced members of the class) I attended every one of the twice daily classes throughout the week. I don't know if yoga will be a big part of my life going forward but I could not imagine a better way to practice than under Maile's instruction on a retreat such as this. I had been anticipating amazing things from the Galapagos and this trip exceeded expectations. Maile had arranged a delightful combination of hiking, snorkeling, water and land based activities. These were all with the accompaniment of very friendly and knowledgeable naturalist guides. And, while each day and activity was planned in a way that left limited downtime, the connections and logistics were all so well orchestrated that it never felt overwhelming. I participated in all of the many activities as did nearly all of the attendees. The food was fantastic, with a great combination of meals prepared for us by the Semilla Verde lodge and the occasional meal in town including a fantastic waterfront restaurant. The staff at Semilla Verde were wonderfully attentive, always friendly, and ready with anything we might need. I don't need to really expound upon the majestic tortoises, sea turtles, tropical fish, sharks (nice friendly ones that are fun to swim with but small enough to be unthreatening! ;-)), marine iguanas, lava lizards, blue boobies, magnificent frigate birds and the rest except to say that seeing them was greatly enhanced by the perspectives of the naturalists who accompanied us. At one point early in the trip, I excitedly pointed out a giant tortoise that I spotted alongside the road to our guide. I was surprised by his non-plussed reaction. "Giant tortoises are like squirrels to me," he said. "They're just part of the background." But so it was for me at the end of the week, like a person leaving an all-you-can-eat buffet. How better to encapsulate the fulfillment of the visit than to say that after a week giant tortoises had become just a part of the expected background. I will summarize by saying that this is a once in a lifetime trip that was so great I would love to do it again!
By Timothy Crandle for Galapagos Yoga + Wildlife Adventure with Maile Sivert on May 07, 2023