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"Trip of a lifetime" doesn't even begin to capture it! Egypt wasn't even on my bucket list, and now I can't wait to go back. The trip was a perfect balance between inner work and exposure to some of the most iconic places and objects in human history. In fact, each aspect served to reinforce the other. Nothing prepares you for the shear scale of what you will encounter. Each sacred site has its own majesty and personality, and you can't help but come away profoundly affected. The journey begins with a number of zoom meetings with others on the trip where you get an introduction to both the spiritual and practical aspects of travel to Egypt. You hit the ground well prepared, and the pre-trip advice was spot on. Those accompanying you from the tour company make you feel welcome and safe at all times, and in our case, they became an integral part of our group. I can't wait for a reunion. This trip changed me in very positive ways, and I am still processing it! Most of all, it has helped ground me for the next phase of my life. I am deeply grateful to have been able to take this journey with Inner Alchemy Sacred Travel.
By David G for Inner Alchemy Sacred Travel on Mar 06, 2023
This Tour was absolutely wonderful. Maari Falsetto fostered a strong community over the 4 mos prior to travel that grew to feel like family on the trip. Maari prepared us all for Egypt spiritually, mentally and physically. She did a wonderful job helping us connect with Egyption Gods and Goddeses ahead of the travel that allowed us to go deeper at each temple. This tour is full of incredible experiences. It is layered in value. You enjoy seeing the temples but the value comes in the connection to Egypt that Maari facilitates: via ritual and meditation. The exceptional presentation of egyption history, mythology, and culture from the tours egyptologist Mona was a highlight. The tour company Quest is exceptional in their logistics, connections in the community and government that allow deeper access and private access to these historic sites. The difference is palpable when you are blessed to be free of the tourist hoards. I loved the opportunity to get to know Ahmed D our Egyptian Fixer and learn about the Quest family. I marveled at how adept Ahmed was at managing through checkpoints and temple staff to protect our tours goals. I appreciated Ahmed and Mona (our Egyptologist) willingness to discuss any and all topics even sensitive to understand how politics, religion and history make the current landscape of Egypt. It was a wonderful experience and I wholeheartedly recommend this tour with Maari Falsetto.
By Suzanne B for Inner Alchemy Sacred Travel on Mar 06, 2023
Wonderful experience in the places and with the people. Accommodations were above expectations. The schedule was appropriately filled with activities and down time.
By Jessica J for Inner Alchemy Sacred Travel on Mar 06, 2023