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We're NOT your typical retreat! We're all about the balance. We workout, we go on adventures and we hit the town at night...and yep, we also serve cocktails after class. Our retreats are for ALL levels and we offer different types of fitness on each retreat. We're always mixing up our itineraries so that every retreat is unique. Co-founders Nicole Sweet + Marisa Thrasher, AKA Sweet + Thrasher, wanted to create a community to bring together people who shared similar qualities of living a balanced lifestyle and has a ting for travelling. We created a Foolishness element because we all have our little indulgences and we want our guests to know indulging is totally healthy and normal when in moderation and not to be ashamed of it. Life is too short to take everything so seriously, which is our entire approach to retreats. Everything on our itinerary is optional. This is a time for you to focus on YOU (probably something you don't do enough) and we want you to do what makes YOU happy!


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Marrakech Magic
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Morocco was an amazing time. Not only was the Fitness + Foolishness always an awesome crew to be with, the entire crew at our stay Riad BE was the most greatest in service and hospitality. It was all so amazing. I highly recommend this trip to the open minded and adventurous. You won't be disappointed!
By Rita Yang for Moroccan Dreams on Jun 15, 2018
Once again, Marisa and Nicole famously planned a magnificent memory that will last those of us fortunate enough to participate a lifetime. Energizing fitness classes, an exotic spa treatment, magical camel riding into the sunset, incredible bargain shopping in the colorful chaos of the labyrinth that is the souk, delightful dining with inspirational women...AND GOOD WINE! Excuse me?! A Fitness and Foolishness trip is not something to deliberate on for very long. You just book it and go and have the time of your life.
By Gisela Soto for Moroccan Dreams on May 12, 2018
The Fitness + Foolishness adventure retreats are the best! Nicole and Marisa make an enormous effort to provide beautiful accommodations and unique excursions with a "side dish" of fun exercise classes. This is a touring company that will not only show you the "must-see" tourist attractions, but also enable you to experience some of the beautiful cultural traditions of the country. Perhaps most importantly is the open and welcoming attitude of everyone on the trip, which is a testament to Marisa and Nicole's infectious warmth and enthusiasm. I've been on two trips with them and I can't wait to join another one!
By Liza Cichowski for Moroccan Dreams on May 07, 2018
This trip was absolutely fantastic and truly a trip of a lifetime! Fitness and foolishness captures everything you could possibly dream of in a vacation and so much more. This was hands down one of the best retreats I've ever been on all thanks to Marisa and Nicole. Their execution was flawless and they thought through every last detail. I belly laughed at least 5 times every day and for that, I'm grateful.... Nicole and Marisa thought of every last detail ensuring that we had the most magical experience possible. From "glamping" in the desert, camel riding into the sunset, experiencing the local tagine cuisine and traditional Hammam spa treatments, exploring the souk, the thoughtful goodie bags upon arrival, the awards ceremony and trixy treat gifts at the end as a token of their appreciation - there was nothing that they did not think of. We kicked off each day with a workout on the roof under the sun and sky, then having the most decadent breakfast together as a group, site seeing and then ending the day with more exercise, cocktails as the sun sets and dinner and dance parties.... Who doesn't love dinner and dance parties??!?! If you're looking to revitalize your mind, body and soul, this is the trip for you. You wake up each morning feeling so zen and so at peace. It's truly a reprieve from the day to day grind. Breath in abundance, exhale negativity ... You are surrounded by other like minded individuals who just want to laugh, enjoy themselves and have fun. I couldn't have asked for a better group on my trip which made the experience even more special because we started as strangers and left as friends. Again, as I'm sure you can gather from the above, I would highly recommend this trip to anyone and honestly, I can't wait to book the next one... but actually...now i just wish i had a trust fund (and unlimited vacation days)!!! Thank you Fitness and Foolishness for giving me memories to last a life time. #gratitude
By Sarah Higigns for Moroccan Dreams on May 07, 2018