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The trip was well organised, we had a fantastic practice room for drumming! Poliana did find a lot of nice things to do and visit. My regret was that there were not enough drumming sessions. This was more a cultural trip, with two whole days out of seven without any courses, and only one course a day. There were shamanic ceremonies, which were nice, but not what I came for ( although I am a shamanic practitioner myself) Enjoyed the trip to Knossos, the tour guide was very interesting. The hotel rented the rooms with sea view, but in reality you had to stand on your balcony to see the sea. The pictures advertising the rooms, we’re not similar to the real rooms. But the people of the hotel were very kind and helpful. Marla is , of course a great teacher, and I am happy to have met her. But I wouldn’t come on this trip, if my goal were to practice drumming. I must mention that the group was great, and I made new drumming friends! So overall, I did have a good time, just missed the drumming! That’s why I give only four stars!
By Carol K for Drumming & Cultural Voyage to Crete! on Nov 02, 2023
## Review: Frame Drum Retreat in Crete I recently had the opportunity to attend Marla Leigh's frame drum retreat in Crete.. The retreat offered a unique combination of drumming lessons and cultural activities. Drumming lessons by the sea provided a serene and inspiring atmosphere. Marla's expertise in teaching drumming techniques and her ability to guide us through different rhythms made the lessons both enjoyable and educational. In addition to the drumming, the retreat included a boat trip, which allowed us to explore the stunning coastline, and a visit to the ancient Minoan city of Knossos. We also had the chance to learn Greek songs and dances, and listen to local musicians The group itself was absolutely wonderful. There was a strong sense of camaraderie and support among the participants, who came from different backgrounds and cultures. The shared love for drumming created a bond that brought everyone together, making the retreat an even more enriching experience. I cannot praise Marla enough for her fantastic hosting throughout the retreat. Her warm and welcoming nature, along with her expertise in frame drumming, created an environment that allowed everyone to grow and express themselves through the drums. The retreat was an unforgettable experience.
By Anne M for Drumming & Cultural Voyage to Crete! on Nov 01, 2023
We had great time. The retriet was more than I imagined and I learned a lot. For the travel agent, I booked a single room with a see view, which I did not have.
By Arja V for Drumming & Cultural Voyage to Crete! on Oct 31, 2023