Past Trips

Woman of the Wild
Woman of the Wild
Talalla, Sri Lanka
24 Nov, 2019
Woman of the Wild | Australia
Woman of the Wild | Australia
Bangalow NSW, Australia
18 Mar, 2021
Woman of the Wild
Woman of the Wild
Nashua NSW 2479, Australia
15 Jul, 2021


It’s been a while since I got back from the retreat but I can still feel the expansion unfolding in me….. I’ve answered the inner calling by signing up for the retreat without understanding why I am doing it. Almost every practice during the retreat was new to me, but guided by wonderful Marley and Jessica everything seemed so familiar. Those two truly gifted women lead us through the process of getting to know our self on a new level. I have no words to describe how profound change in me this retreat has ignited. I realised that I have been longing this connection to myself not even knowing what was missing in my life. Wild Woman retreat changed my life! Thank you 🙏🏼
By Agnieszka R for Woman of the wild retreat - Mexico on Aug 27, 2023
It is hard to sum up an experience like this in words, as it is more of a feeling, shifting of emotions and old thought patterns. However, Marley holds the space for you to come out of your shell, and open up to the beauty of your soul and worthiness. This retreat was a sacred space for women to learn, connect and inspire one another to shed the boundaries and limitations we put on ourselves and embody our truth. It was a harmonious curation or both teamwork, leadership and solo time to step into ourselves. It included a beautiful combination of yoga, mediation, breathwork, journaling, FUN - through dance and hula hooping, intention and dream sharing, and cacao ceremonies to open our hearts to the divine within us. It was a place of healing and medicine through heartfelt and consciously cooked food, time in nature, beautifully designed architecture and careful scheduling for the day to unlock our highest potential. It was a time i will treasure forever, and I could write a narrative about it... but if you are thinking about a retreat, invest because Marley's retreat will change your life and create pure magic. - Isabel
By Isabel T for Woman of the Wild Retreat on Mar 16, 2022
Amazing. No faults!
By Sandi W for Woman of the Wild on Jul 27, 2021