Featured Trips

Heart to Crown, Upstate NY
Heart to Crown, Upstate NY
Ravencrest Botanical Farm, Berne NY
07 Aug, 2024
Expressions, Upstate NY
Expressions, Upstate NY
Woodbourne, NY 12788, USA
21 Aug, 2024
Expressions, Costa Rica
Expressions, Costa Rica
Finca Mia Retreat Center, Costa Rica
10 Jan, 2025


My second retreat with Vocal Transformation and my first time to Costa Rica! The experience at Holos is so grounding, from the beautiful glamping accommodations, the conscious food prepared for us daily, the conscientious architectural designs, and nature herself. So much gratitude to the whole team at Holos. And such a big thank you to the Vocal Transformation Team-Family! My body and soul is all the better for having joined in this retreat!
By Destinee C for Expressions, Holos, Costa Rica on Feb 25, 2024
Costa Rica, Holos Retreat Center, focusing on a holistic lifestyle, bestows extraordinary quality and beauty. Sitting among cinnamon trees, listening to the conversation of birds amidst bamboo designs, your nervous system gently regains its flexibility.. The beckoning from Vocal Transformation by Maryn Hope Azoff and the entire beloved team orchestrates a journey surpassing all earthly bounds, transcending mere invitation. As you allow yourself to heal under the protection of angels in heaven, dancing as your soul shines with the diamonds you sip from the sky, you are liberating and adding love to your voice, embracing it with its uniqueness and infuse the purest joy of existence into your smile. the most magical and memorable retreat ever.. I am blessed with this experience and I appreciate everything with deep gratitude.. and will be grateful everyday..
By didem t for Expressions, Holos, Costa Rica on Feb 21, 2024
This was a soul rescue mission! And it was everything I needed from the delicious food to the conscious and brilliant accommodations to a transformative retreat experience. Thank you !
By Ora(Living Rhythm) G for Expressions, Holos, Costa Rica on Feb 19, 2024