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Originally from Pennsylvania, I first came to Italy over 6 years ago- after graduating from Penn State- volunteering on farms and in restaurants from Tuscany, to Rome and even outside of Naples. Participating in olive harvests, wine harvest, learning to cook in traditional styles and even farm with locals! This was the epiphany that sparked my desire to pursue a future in food.
Eventually, I went back to school in Piemonte, (Northern Italy) to pursue my M.A. in Food Culture & Communications from The University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy.
Founded by Carlo Petrini and the 'Slow Food' movement, UNISG has a strong foundation in educating and promoting world wide sustainable food practices and safeguarding the culture behind it.
I define myself as a modern food professional. My knowledge and interests reflect that of the global food system traversing agricultural, environmental and sustainability issues.
Currently, I work for a cultural association in Southern Italy called, Metafarm. At Metafarm we aim to preserve gastronomic and agricultural knowledge and promote local sustainable food sourcing. Also, I lead guided tours along the Amalfi Coast that reflect the local agricultural system and traditional knowledge surrounding 'foraging' for food.
I aim to secure a better quality of life and food through the Slow Food model: good, clean and fair. Gastro-Travel is, along with my friends from University, founded around providing you with an authentic experience when traveling, obviously no better way than through food.! Please join me and my friends on our next journey.


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Matthew is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of Italian cuisine and culture. He will guide you on one of the best experiences of your life! This trip is highly recommended to anyone who wants to truly live in the Italian way of life. Book it now!

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