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The Adventure Factory was born out of an unrelenting passion to travel across distant lands seeking out amazing adventures and the people that yearn for them. We started this company with the purpose of creating the most amazing, mind-blowing, and unbelievable adventures available on planet earth so that we could share them with our closest friends and family. Ultimately, we wanted to give others the ability to experience these places with us and push the idea of what is possible in the realm of adventure travel to a whole new level. We don't believe in ordinary, and think that man is capable of much more than he knows. With this in mind, we have designed a range of adventures to cater to the people out there who want to travel with a purpose and who are bored of 'vacations' and 'holidays'. We welcome you to join us on one of our adventures and experience the world like never before! This is The Adventure Factory!


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Machupicchu, Cusco, Peru
Jun 30, 2018


Once again, The Adventure Factory organized a truly unique experience that provided the perfect mix of culture, adventure, and time to develop close friendships. Best of all, it's all captured by a brilliant photographer so you can look back on all the memories.
By Robert Perez for HIMALAYAA HIATUS on Dec 04, 2018
This was an epic trip with an incredibly customized itinerary. Plenty of adventure and activity with white water rafting, paragliding, trekking, mountain biking and hikes, paired with a good amount of mindfulness as we took time for yoga, meditation and a very special visit to a Buddhist monastery and were blessed by the head monk. It was an unique opportunity to be introduced to the culture, meet local people, try the various local cuisine, and also give back to the community in a variety of ways. A true pleasure to be both physically challenged and mentally stimulated.
By Chelsea Hettrick for HIMALAYAA HIATUS on Nov 27, 2018
Many memorable adventures packed into one week with a great group of people. Well organized and seamless. Would highly recommend!
By Hans Arnesen for HIMALAYAA HIATUS on Nov 27, 2018
It's not just places that make an adventure, it's the people. An absolutely unique trip of a lifetime with incredible people and hosts. You get to check off bucket list items and some things you never realized were on your list!
There are almost no words you could write that would serve this trip justice. The two organizers, Mike & Max put an unprecedented amount of thought and planning into what is a whirlwind of a 7-day trip. I don't want to give away too many secrets that they have on the trip so there is a surprise factor for future attendees, but I can say that it is a VERY fun time. You will see the mountains, the desert, and the sea. You will sleep under the stars as well as in luxury. You will also meet some amazing people. I also feel that the trip more-or-less checks the Morocco box. I would add a couple days before/after for Marrakech if you want to see Marrakech. But overall, the trip nails it. Advice: Bring layers because climate varies from 80 Degrees F to below 32 Degrees F at different times.
This trip was just unreal, and the new years eve party was definitely the most amazing one of my entire life! The Adventure Factory team is sooo on point, and the kindest people ever. Much love to all of them!
Fantastic trip full of WOW experiences with constant suprises planned to amp up any day even when its a 13 hour car ride.
Once in a lifetime type of trip! My favorite part aside from the adventures and activities was the people. Highly recommend and can’t wait to go on another adventure factory adventure!
An incredible and unique experience. Very well organized with a fun group or people to explore one of the most remote places on the planet with!
By Robert Perez for Amazon Armada on Aug 22, 2017
Trip of a life-time! I knew it would be, but I never expected it to be so well planned and so organized.(it is a jungle) I know it was the adventure factory's first trip, but it seems like they have been doing this tour and this routes for decades because of how well every minute was planned out. The organization let me truly relax and embrace the beauty of the jungle and the experience. I can't imagine this trip being any better. I checked off everything on my amazon jungle checklist: Swimming in the Amazon, living like locals, sloths, monkeys, snakes, spider, massive spiders, and some mosquitoes. I can't wait for the next trip!
By Joanna Mordasiewicz for Amazon Armada on Aug 15, 2017
By Carly Saltzman for Amazon Armada on Aug 14, 2017
Great trip and great people. 100% would do it again! Mike, Max and the crew took care of all the details. All we had to do was show up and be amazed!
By Matthew Moore for Amazon Armada on Aug 10, 2017
Once in a lifetime opportunity - adventurous without ever feeling unsafe. Nearly every detail was considered, and the team handled the inevitable unexpected events with grace and calm. Everything - the food, transit, accommodations, activities - were top notch. The addition of philanthropic service projects were a fantastic touch as well. The experiences from this trip are unique. No one I spoke to in town or at the airport kayaked the river, or stayed in the jungle canopy, or played soccer with the local villages. I simply cannot recommend the trip, and the Adventure Factory, higher.
By Tristan Helms for Amazon Armada on Aug 08, 2017
EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS! This is a bucket list trip for sure. All of the details were taken care of, the group of people were amazing, and the adventures were of course next level.
By Hans Arnesen for Amazon Armada on Aug 07, 2017
Holy cow this was a trip of a lifetime. Very well organized, incredibly fun, and well worth it. I loved every minute of it. Will go again if given the chance!!!!!
By AJ Forsythe for Amazon Armada on Aug 07, 2017


This was truly a trip of a lifetime. I had always viewed Morocco is a magical place, and somehow the Adventure Factory lifted it to new levels! From a hot air balloon ride to sunrise hikes up sand dunes, this week took us from the city center of Marrakech, to hiking up the Atlas Mountains, ATV’ing through the Sahara Desert to the gorgeous coast for surfing and sun. Staying in the camp in the middle of the Sahara was an oasis. More comfortable than I thought possible in the middle of the desert (there were running toilets!). Normally New Years Eve is stressful and a bit of a let down... but this New Year’s Eve is one I will remember the rest of my life. A great trip, well planned and taking us through areas I would not have found or been able to plan on my own. Highly recommend!!
By Chelsea Hettrick on Feb 03, 2018