No words can describe my experience at Casa Del Maestro creative writing retreat. The setting was nothing short of magical. The retreat center felt like a sanctuary of serenity. The rustic yet comfortable accommodations blended harmoniously with nature, fostering a sense of connection and grounding. The heart of the retreat lay in the guidance of the experienced shamans and facilitators. Their wisdom, compassion, and reverence for the ayahuasca tradition were evident from the moment I arrived. They created a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment, ensuring that every participant felt seen, heard, and respected throughout the journey. The ayahuasca ceremonies themselves were profound and deeply transformative. The ayahuasca experience was both awe-inspiring and challenging, offering profound insights, emotional release, and healing on multiple levels. What truly sets this retreat apart is its emphasis on integration and post-ceremony support. In the days following each ceremony, virtual group sharing circles provide a space for reflection, processing, and mutual support.
By Olga K for Ayahuasca & The Creative Spirit: 9-Day Writer's & Creativity Retreat on May 19, 2024
The world of Ayahuasca and plant medicine dietas are like the jungle herself: powerful, vast, mysterious - and not to be walked lightly without a good guide. Thankfully, Casa Del Maestro offers that wise, strong but soft guidance. Here you will find a unique and well-developed medicine tradition. A sense of family that you will instantly feel a part of. A place to experience all the benefits of the medicine, where you will be held, supported, protected - while also allowed the space to heal, grow, and learn the lesson on your own terms. The Maestro himself, Don Alberto, is a powerhouse of experience and knowledge about these medicines that the Amazon provides us. Matt and Anya help to bridge that impossibly vast river of wisdom and ground the experience - a yin and yang of fierce guardianship and gentle nurturing to help you though whatever the medicine will have you face. Thank you for all of the lessons, the hard times and the beauty, for giving me what I wanted and more, what I truly needed. The medicine is an ongoing path, and I know that Ayahuasca, the plant teachers, and the dedicated, caring, expert team at Casa Del Maestro always have my back! 🦅🐍🐆
By Bryan G for March 3 Sanango Dieta + 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies on Apr 12, 2024
Cannot emphasize enough, how transformative doing the Sanango diet has been for me. Despite being previously to Casa del Maestro, that diet took it to a complete other level, although it has been rough, tiring, strict but also compasionate at the same time. Sometimes we are looking for the easy way, but we should rather focus our view at our dark sides, instead of sidestepping them. It requires a lot of courage to do so, but Casa del Maestro provides the best framework to do your work with this amazing medicine. In the end it was totally worth it and I am astonished by the outcome in form of mental clarity, peace, calmness and most importantly the sense of direction for our life. I cannot thank the Maestros Alberto and Eliseo, Matt, Anya, Eric and all other people enough for providing such a unique space, which is led with the deepest level of integrity, love as well as care. It makes you feeling safe and being in a place which feels home for myself. Once again deep thanks from my heart and much love ♡
By Lars H for March 3 Sanango Dieta + 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies on Mar 22, 2024


Just unbelievable what I have just lived at Casa del Maestro. Only words of gratitude and appreciation towards the amazing people behind this unique experience. Love you all ❤️
By Mauri B on 16 Oct, 2023
This was my first time doing Ayahuasca although I had been wanting to do it for quite some time. I wanted an authentic experience that was true to the traditions of ayahuasca in south America and not something that was more westernized. I had been looking at ayahuasca retreats for some time until I was recommended to check out Casa Del Maestro. I went to the website and I instantly knew that this was the right place for me. I can definitely say that I was not disappointed. Don Alberto, his son Eliseo are powerful shaman that come from a long lineage of shaman and provide you with an authentic experience in a protected space. Along with facilitators Matt, Anna and Don Alberto's extended family they make sure the beautiful, magical, and sometimes very difficult work that needs to done, does. I'm very gratefully to them for everything I received and experienced there. I will never forget my time there and after 7 months now since my trip. I still get overwhelmed when thinking about my journey there. I will definitely be back again to continue my work with this sacred plant medicine with everyone at Casa Del Maestro. If you are considering or are being called to do Ayahuasca, I wouldn't hesitate trusting Casa Del Maestro to guide you down that path. If I were to give anyone some advice once they decided to take the plunge into the infinite unknown. I would say to completely surrender and release all control and let Ayahuasca and the team at Casa Del Maestro do their work.
By Anthony F on 28 Dec, 2022
Casa del Maestro is the only place I would want to have this experience. Casa del Maestro is an incredibly safe space so much so I brought my loved ones for their first experience. The staff are outstanding, caring, and loving. Great experience, great people, great medicine.
By Christian M on 30 Jun, 2022