I had an amazing time with my girlfriend, the staff was top notch, and our sessions with Joli, Kyle and Megan were something that will change my life. I can already tell the difference in my day to day life. Costa Rica is an amazing country.
By James M for The Nature of Relating! on Nov 24, 2023
Transformational. Megan created a safe space at the ONDA hotel that was both fun and therapeutic. It was wonderful to find a community of poly people who understand this way of relating. The workshops and experiential activities were fantastic. I found a lot of love and understanding.
By Janet R for The Nature of Relating! on Nov 23, 2023
This was my second retreat I've attended that was hosted by Megan. Megan is such a beautiful soul who has an immense amount of care, compassion and knowledge around open relating. I'm so honored to have attended this magnificent retreat and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills for open relating and self love!
By Gretchen T for The Nature of Relating! on Nov 16, 2023