Past Trips


I loved the Great Awakenings Radical Road Trip. The leaders, Melissa and Maria, were so knowledgeable and had clearly put a lot of thought into the plan. We stayed in historic buildings and had a wonderful mix of activities--lots of learning and fun. I left feeling inspired and excited for the next adventure.
By Laura C for Great Awakenings! Radical Road Trip 2023 on Aug 03, 2023
I knew I signed up for a history-loving super niche roadtrip, and I knew it would be interesting (it was!), but this was SUCH a phenomenal experience it defies description. Yes, I learned a lot about Shakers, but also about early feminism, abolition, and the intersections with spiritualism that don't make it into history. We hiked in forests, swam in lakes, and stayed at cool, quirky places that were very aligned with the theme of the trip, and I was able to stay comfortably gluten-free (phew!). But my favorite part was getting to know my traveling companions, because people who are interested in these subjects are INTERESTING themselves -- so cool to hang with such smart, well-read, artistic, and downright magical folks.
By Lauren V for Great Awakenings! Radical Road Trip 2023 on Aug 01, 2023
I loved this retreat. It was an incredible experience and I learned so much. Melissa is a very thoughtful host and a knowledgeable tour guide. I would recommend NowAge and hope to go to another retreat or experience.
By Jane C for Weekend of the Witch: Full Moon on Nov 20, 2019