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Briala Da Silva and Michaele Ruzow

About Me

Briala Da Silva's journey began with the simple quest to find ease and peace in life. The beginning journey was steeped in a love for all that allows a return to natural, functional movement with a balance of strength and flexibility. Her decades of studentship led her to expand her study of the essence SELF as experienced through the flow of the breath and the journey to awaken to true inner wisdom. Briala’s unique teachings excite the playful freedom flow between physical body and spiritual being. Michaele Ruzow’s life is steeped in both academic and spiritual learning. A former professor, trained anthropologist, NGO director, Buddhist clergy, and UN student of peace/sustainability practices, her essence quest marries her rich academic knowledge of mankind to meditation and mindfulness practices. By example and through her teachings, Michaele shares how basic daily techniques can transform your everyday life so that in life’s greatest challenges, you CAN choose happiness..


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