This trip was absolutely amazing and so incredibly well curated. My husband and I got to explore Cuba in all its beauty from the perspective of a local, and we couldn't have asked for a more in-depth experience than that! Thank you Mike and your team for curating a beautiful experience, we will highly recommend you to others!
By Radhika M for Hatch Adventures | January 2020 | Cuba on Feb 11, 2020
A carefully curated group of some 25 CEOs entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers and artists is not your average tour group. Fortunately Sound Traveler is not your average tour company! Mike Polarney's artfully constructed and beautifully executed tour managed the impossible - to herd this wayward and unruly bunch across large swathes of Cuba without ever making us feel herded. Mike has perfected the art of leading from behind. He quietly manages to steer and direct a group, like a patient sheep-dog following behind, rounding up stragglers without any apparent stress or strain. The tour was beautifully organized. Full day trips to the countryside, eco-farms and tobacco plantations, were leavened by short visits to galleries, art installations and music events. Strenuous days had stops at a beach or a health spa built in. The food we were given was superb and, as befits the name of the company, every evening ended with the glorious sounds of Cuban music. Mike himself is a musician and his deep contacts with the Cuban music scene meant that we got to meet many Cuban musicians and hear the best of the best of Cuban music. Another hugely impressive feature of this tour... we had not one but four charismatic and deeply knowledgeable guides with us at all times. Katia, Rioger, Leo and Rainier were not only our guides, they became our friends, and hugely added to the quality of our Havana experience. I cannot speak too highly of Mike and Sound Traveler. If you want a real insider's look at this complex, beautiful and much misunderstood country this is the way to go! Jon Amiel LA Feb 2020
By Jonathan A for Hatch Adventures | January 2020 | Cuba on Feb 11, 2020
This was the most memorable trip, in a one of a kind place, hosted by the loveliest people and traveling with the best group imaginable. Muchas Gracias querido Miguelito and to the rest of the Hatchers who made this such an amazing adventure.
By Elias C for Hatch Adventures | January 2020 | Cuba on Feb 05, 2020