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Ride the Fault Line 2023
Ride the Fault Line 2023
Sikeston, MO Hickman, KY Dyersburg, TN
17 Jun, 2023


This was my first time doing an organized (or self-planned) seven day bike tour, and found it immensely enjoyable. The staff was always helpful and accommodating, and very passionate about the ride's success. I found it to be a great balance of bicycling and sight seeing with a bent toward history. The routes were challenging enough to make it fun and engaging, but still doable by an average cyclist with reasonable preparation. One of the things I liked most about the ride was the flexibility. By driving my own car from site to site, I had the luxury of taking any kind of camping and riding gear I wanted - I actually took two bikes. And if I needed some kind of supplies it was easy to jump in the car and head for the local store. The option of sleeping inside in an air conditioned room, or outside in my own tent space, was also really nice. I'm not aware of any other rides that offer these flexible choices. I would recommend this ride.
By Mark P for Ride the Fault Line 2023 on Jul 04, 2023
Awesome Ride. Great Crew & Riders… Wish we traveled more small towns. I like small town USA
By jimmy f for Ride the Fault Line 2023 on Jul 03, 2023
Thanks for a great ride and experience. A couple of thoughts: Food • The first breakfast caterer needs to provide more food. While the food was good, the portions were way to small in preparation for long rides. • The church breakfast was fantastic! • The remaining breakfasts were very good. Plenty of food and tasty. • The dinners were ok (thanks for providing unsweet iced tea). Reststops • Good placement for breaks. And a nice variety of foods and plenty of it. Best yet, the staff was always super encouraging and nice. Route Directions • The directions placed on the roads were excellent. Always easy to know which way to turn. • Ride GPS worked well, though a bit cumbersome to set-up a first time user • Special thanks for driving each route a day in advance. Especially in re-routing due to the aggressive dogs. Staff • Excellent! Camping locations • YMCA – the Y staff was very accommodating. • High School – Would have been nice to have had access to locker rooms. • Church – the camp site had some very wet areas and the area was on a hill. Routes • Enjoyed exploring all areas on bike. Thanks. Tourism • Hickman tours were enjoyable. The hospitality was fantastic on all fronts. Future Rides • It’s too bad that there were less than 100 riders this year. We hope to join again sometime in the future. We are planning on riding with RAGBRAI next summer. • Is the route the same each year or does it vary year to year. Schedule • The 6 am breakfasts were a bit brutal (early). I’m on vacation and would prefer a later start. • The evening presentations should be held ½ hour earlier. Other • Thanks for providing the shower truck. • This was my first group ride where my car was with me the entire tour. It was a different experience. It was nice to return to my tent already set-up. And to have the opportunity to continue exploring the area after the ride. I’m sure it is also MUCH easier for the staff to not have to schlep everyone’s gear. • Special thanks to the staff. We enjoyed talking with them. The are the unsung heroes of this event. Summary • Thanks for a great experience. I’m sure I will return sometime in the next couple of years.
By Marc L for Ride the Fault Line 2023 on Jul 02, 2023