Looking for a retreat that will feed your soul, in all your uniqueness? This is it. With Haleh, I’ve learned what makes ME thrive in life. I stopped following what global motivational speakers told me to do, because it didn’t work for ME. Haleh will help you discover what works for your nature and you’ll be surrounded by other women that will lift you up simply by being around them. This reTREAT is for you. Discover yourself.
By Charlene M on 02 Feb, 2020
What an incredible opportunity to travel to Milos! Milos is heaven on earth! As a modern women myself, Modern Women Retreats is exactly what I need. Haleh, you have been an angel in my life! A dose of Haleh in Milos is going to be fantastic. I will see you there.
By Julie M on 25 Jan, 2020
Wow, what am amazing retreat. Haleh, you are one of a kind. Your knowledge, guidance, and compassion, are invaluable. This trip is just what I need and deserve. Count me in! Looking forward to a week of self exploration and the endless beauty Milos offers!
By Trinity C on 25 Jan, 2020