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I had a fantastic time just wish the trip was a little longer because I was not able to see everything. Can't wait to visit New Orleans again.
By Theresa H for Mardi Gras Day Trip to New Orleans on Feb 20, 2024
Worst trip ever!!!!!!! The trip started out by the bus driver being over one hour late . Her tardiness left women out in the cold during very unsafe hours. I entered the bus at the second pick up location, i was forced to sit in the back of the bus. Because there were several ladies that paid for one seat but occupied two seats and the lady Brandy (the lady that was left in charge because the coordinator was in Africa) said nothing. The back seats were too hot and after constant complaining, I told her i would come seat with her in her seat. Brandy stated she has several health issues and needed two seats to stretch her legs. She (Brandy) finally got up and told the ladies to make room so that the three ladies (including myself) could sit down. No one offer apologizes or any accommodation for the fact of the bus being late, standing in the cold, unclear parking direction, and seating in the back where the heat was extremely HOTT! On the way back from New Orleans, the trip did not get any better. Bus departure time was 1100pm .The bus driver was again LATE!!!!! Other buses were able to get through the traffic and was waiting on their guest. Our bus finally arrived at 1224am. Again not one offer of apologizes and or accommodation. I enter the bus and went to my original seat in the back of the bus only to realize it was still a HOTT Area. I walked back up to the front to seat in the same area that i rode to New Orleans in , only to be told "Iam eating and you will have to wait until I finish to seat down." Of course Brandy said NOTHING!!!!! , rather then start a whole dialogue with this lady, I ask some one can I seat in their extra seat. This was totally RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!! but the trip gets worse @ 1am while en route back to ATL Ga , the bus driver is noted to be swerving , and crossing the lines while driving. A passenger called out (Are you OK?) no answer and of course Brandy ......crickets! So more passengers awoke to the sounds the bus tires crossing the road lines while the bus driver was driving. One passenger even looked up the bus # to find the bus was listed as not in service.!!!!!! There's more but the point is this was the worst trip ever!!!!!!
By Melanie F for Mardi Gras Day Trip to New Orleans on Feb 12, 2024
We had a wonderful time! There were a couple of hiccups of tardiness on the driver or bus company’s part in picking us up in a timely manner. Overall, as always, I truly enjoyed Mardis Gras…the delicious Cajun food, refreshing beverages, beautiful parades, delicious beignets, the relaxing Creole Queen cruise, etc. Fun, fun galore! Ready for next year!
By Selina M for Mardi Gras Day Trip to New Orleans on Feb 12, 2024