Past Trips


The Savannah tour was absolutely one of the best weekends of my life! We had great investigations of the Savannah Theater and Moon River Brewing, accommodations at the 17hundred90 inn were amazing, and Dave Schrader and Shane Pittman were fantastic tour ambassadors! The best part of the weekend though was how wonderful my fellow travelers were! Great memories and lifelong friendships were made on this trip! I highly recommend booking a Mysterious Adventures tour!
By Tammy H for Searching Supernatural Savannah with Shane Pittman & Dave Schrader! on 14 Mar, 2023
Group was too big. Spreading people across multiple hotels made it hard to get to know others and feel part of the group. I don't think the zoom calls were necessary. Everything could have been done by email or online. The investigations were good, but again, too many people! The local group was very good and helpful. Never heard why the restaurant we went to for the farewell dinner was supposedly haunted. Would have liked more organized meals together.
By Sandy O for Searching Supernatural Savannah with Shane Pittman & Dave Schrader! on 08 Mar, 2023
Mysterious Adventure Tours promoted a ‘spirited’ adventure in Savannah and delivered. Owner and tour guide, Maria Schmidt, went to great lengths setting up the tour to ensure quality, one-of-a-kind experiences were had by all. Celebrity ambassadors Shane Pittman and Dave Schrader always made sure everyone was involved and taught us some new thoughts on and ways of investigating. Plus, it was fun!! Hated for it to end, but looking forward to our next adventure with MAT this Fall in France.
By Jodi D for Searching Supernatural Savannah with Shane Pittman & Dave Schrader! on 07 Mar, 2023