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We had such an amazing experience in Dominica! Never in my life did I think swimming with sperm whales would be so amazing! We were lucky to swim with whales 4 of our 6 days, and those days did not disappoint! The days we did not find whales, we checked out a local snorkel spot called Champagne reef and it was fantastic. The Fort Young hotel was perfect, and located right on the water, our deck was amazing, offering us a jaw dropping view of the ocean!! Captain Curt answered all our questions, and educated us about the sperm whales. Huge thank you to Nadia for the top notch organization! We can't wait to book another tour!
By Greg H for Swim with Sperm Whales -2024 - Fort Young on Mar 31, 2024
I recently had the most extraordinary experience of my life in Dominica, where I embarked on an awe-inspiring journey to swim with sperm whales. From the very beginning, the trip was seamless, thanks to the exceptional communication and coordination by Nadia. Nadia's attention to detail and prompt responses ensured that every aspect of my pre-travel arrangements was taken care of with precision. Her expertise and dedication set the stage for what would turn out to be an unforgettable adventure. Upon arriving in Dominica, I was taken to the stunning Fort Young Hotel, a true gem nestled right on the water's edge. The location was not only breathtaking but also convenient, allowing me to wake up to the soothing sounds of the ocean every morning. The hotel's impeccable service and comfortable accommodations made my stay all the more enjoyable. I can confidently say that Fort Young Hotel exceeded my expectations, providing the perfect base for my whale-watching escapade. I loved working out at the Gym that looks right over the ocean, amazing! Now, let me express my utmost admiration for Captain Curt, the mastermind behind our incredible whale-swimming expeditions. Captain Curt's experience and skill were evident from the moment we set sail. His passion for the sperm whales and dedication to providing a safe yet thrilling experience made him stand out as the best captain I've ever had the pleasure of whale swimming with! But the magic didn't end there. Our guide, Greg, was a true maestro when it came to locating sperm whales in the water. Thanks to his and Curts expertise, we were able to encounter sperm whales almost every day, creating memories that will last a lifetime. In conclusion, my time in Dominica was nothing short of magical, and I owe it to the incredible team that made it all possible. Nadia's pre-travel communication, the enchanting Fort Young Hotel, Captain Curt's exceptional skills, and Greg's insightful guidance came together to create an adventure that exceeded my wildest dreams. If swimming with sperm whales is on your bucket list, look no further than Dominica and the tours with SDL Expeditoins– an experience that will leave you in awe and gratitude for the beauty of our planet's marine life.
By Natalie J for Swim with Sperm Whales -2024 - Fort Young on Mar 11, 2024
My week with the Sperm whales in Dominica far exceeded my expectations. Getting to experience being in the water with them many, many times was truly magical. Their presence is so peaceful. Captain Curt and Craig did such a fabulous time giving us the best experiences and also respecting the whales and how much we interacted with them which I so appreciated. I can not recommend this trip enough. I look forward to. going back for another time with them. Thank you!
By Mary C for Swim with Sperm Whales -2024 - Fort Young on Feb 13, 2024