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Great organization, reliable drivers and very helpful guides. Thank you!
By Leander H for Clarissa & Leander Agra Trip on Apr 12, 2017
My trip to India was an absolute success. I provided a brief set of specifications/interests and the Offroads team was able to create a fantastic itinerary that was truly enjoyable. Particularly their selection of restaurants and eating experiences was on point! All pickup/transport was seamless and the guides selected were knowledgeable and personable (a couple of them still ended up taking me to stores where I presume they get incentives but once I let them know I wasn't interested in that aspect they obliged). The hotels the Offroads team put me in was also a brightspot of the strip. An amazing experience I couldn't have had with the team's help. Thanks so much!
By Patrick L for Patrick Levine's India Trip on Jan 25, 2017