I honestly don’t know where to begin about this amazing retreat with Nicole and Stephanie. Let me start by thanking these 2 beautiful, kind, generous, strong, caring and encouraging women! Thank you Nicole and Stephanie for EVERYTHING! You went above and beyond to take care of me and keep me included in the whole retreat after my injury! You made me feel genuinely cared for and still valued as a member of our group! And to all the amazing women who participated in the retreat with me, thank you all for your kindness, your openness, your honesty, your kind and encouraging words, your inclusiveness and your genuine care for me! I learned and gained so much from all of you and feel like I gained a few new friends!! We really had a very special group of women on our retreat! This retreat was a small miracle for me in so many ways. I learned a lot about myself including that I am stronger than I ever give myself credit for, and that I can still grow as a person, a woman, a mother and a friend. This retreat and it’s workshops helped me gain a whole new insight as to what it means to me to truly live a life that I want! To still learn and grow, to forgive myself, to cry things out (which we did a lot, lol), and to trust in others, and in myself and my thoughts and feelings and ideas instead of dismissing and doubting myself!!! I sincerely hope to return to the retreat next year and continue to grow and evolve and learn and accept. Thank you again Nicole and Stephanie! Those 2 words seem so small for HOW MUCH I am truly greatful to you both, but they’re all I have. Thank you for the blessing of getting to know you both, for the gift of you kindness, your care, your wisdom and your friendship!!! I truly cherish you, the women I met and spent the week getting to know, and the entire retreat! And I can’t end without mentioning the food by our ridiculously talented chef, and our lovely wonderful hosts! We ate like royalty with every mouthwatering, delicious, healthy, creative dish!! And our hosts were wonderful and accommodated is in every way possible! Especially after my accident! Thank you for that! I HIGHLY recommend this retreat to everyone! It is an experience and a gift that you will never forget!!!
By Brenda J for Life in Balance Yoga Retreat on Dec 06, 2019
This experience was inspirational and relaxing at the same time. A highly recommended yoga retreat/vacation with great accommodation, delicious food, wonderful people and breathtaking scenery. Special thanks to Nicole and Stephanie for making this retreat so personally rewarding and memorable. You are a dynamic duo who created an unforgettable experience. We fully achieved "life in balance" and left with new friends, beautiful memories and renewed "joie de vivre". Thank you both.
By Lynn C for Life in Balance Yoga Retreat on Nov 23, 2019
This yoga retreat exceeded my expectations: wonderful balance of events and downtime, beautiful and peaceful surroundings, delicious and healthy food. It was nothing short of fantastic.
By Marya V for Life in Balance Yoga Retreat on Nov 20, 2019