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When doing more adventurous travel, I often struggle to find the right balance of “DO ALL THE THINGS” and “actually, this is vacation and I should rest so I return revitalized.” Luckily, Nicole’s thoughtful planning helps establish that balance for you. Yoga nidra under the stars. Camel rides. Sunrise over the dunes. Respectful and helpful drivers and translators prepared to help you accomplish anything. Nicole has brought everything together for an experience as engaging as it is relaxing. Morocco is a second home for Nicole, and she ensures it feels like one for you as well. Her support ensures you aren’t limited if there’s something off-plan that you want to experience, but you feel like you’ve gotten the full experience even if you do nothing more than what’s on the agenda. Her calming energy means that even when you’re extremely type A, you never worry about what comes next. I am so lucky to have had this experience, and I want to go back immediately. You will too.
By Margaret T for Sahara Desert Extension Trip on 26 Dec, 2022
I can't picture a better way to be introduced to Morocco than Nicole's yoga & culture retreat and Sahara extension. So well organized and thought out that on top of her restorative yoga practice that helps regulate an overworked nervous system, the surroundings and people she partners with to created this seamless retreat added another layer of safety and calming effect that allowed for vulnerability, openness, and healing of some sort. The best part is she thinks and plans for us (with windows of free time of course), a relief for anyone who is looking to leave their busy thinking brain at home during travels. And you can also trust in her to take care of things. Overall, the memories that we created together (planned and not planed) are little treasures that put a smile on my face and make me yearn to go back.
By Liliana S for Morocco Yoga and Culture Retreat on 21 Nov, 2022
I am so blessed to have stumbled upon this trip. All my senses were engaged with new tastes, smells, sounds, sights. New people. Nicole was wonderful. We got to see the real Morocco when we went to the Medina, and the women carpet weavers in the mountains. Each day was exciting. And each day I learned something new. If you are considering a retreat with Nicole I wholeheartedly recommend you go. You will not be sorry. My trip was the trip of a lifetime. Thank you Nicole.
By Rachel R for Morocco Yoga and Culture Retreat on 20 Nov, 2022


I traveled with Nicole to Morocco for a Yoga and Culture Retreat. Words cannot do this experience justice! It was an incredible, exciting and varied trip, always returning to the peaceful oasis of Bab Zouina. Nicole planned a series of amazing visits and locations for us to enjoy. Her breadth of knowledge and love for the art, culture, enviroment, and the Moroccan people shined in the passion that she put into planning this retreat. Her love for Morocco is inspriring and it's contagious! That love spread to me after experiencing the country and all that it has to offer through this once-in-a-lifetime trip. I cannot wait to return to visit my new Moroccan family! I highly recommend Nicole and her retreats.
By Laurie P on 02 Dec, 2022
This retreat exceeded expectations for its combination of culture and yoga. Each day was constructed to accommodate a great deal of activity with yoga to complement. I hope to join Nicole someday again!
By Sondra A on 06 Jan, 2021
The Moroccan retreat with Nicole was the experience of a lifetime. It was well thought out and guided I loved every minute and had so much fun and am so happy I took the opportunity to do it! Would love to do it again.
By Elda S on 28 Dec, 2020