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2023 Surf Retreat
2023 Surf Retreat
Mal Pais, Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
04 Feb, 2023


Magical Trip with incredible women.
By Ashley F for 2024 Surf Retreat on May 14, 2024
This trip is a reset to break myself out of spiritual hibernation. Every part of it brings a part of me back to life that was set aside to accomplish the routine of every day life. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anyone. You can sit down at a table with other women on this trip and you are immediately welcome and wanted. You can come as a stranger but by the time you leave you have new friends. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never surfed before-do the awkward thing. Every person there will be cheering you on as you do it. We are there to play, something that has been pushed to the side too much as we “grow up”. And the laughter, so much laughter. I come back from these trips with a renewed sense of strength and a full heart.
By Katherine M for 2024 Surf Retreat on May 14, 2024
My trip with NUSHU to Costa Rica was beyond words. I had been suffering from severe burnout and could not find anything to help me. Not only did I have child like fun while surfing and discover I loved something I would never try on my own I was also nourished so well that I came back with a spark for life I had been missing for several years. I am beyond grateful for this trip but, anytime I attend a NUSHU retreat I feel held, the accommodations are the best and I definitely get my moneys worth and more.
By Angela A for 2024 Surf Retreat on May 13, 2024


The NUSHU Surf Retreat to Costa Rica is an experience I will forever cherish. It was my first time traveling to Costa Rica and Nosara was a magical introduction to the country. The NUSHU Team created a week of bliss, working closely together with our fantastic hotel, Sendero, the Ten Toes Surf coaches, massage therapists, and an amazing yoga teacher to create a seamless itinerary that was curated to everyone’s needs. What stands out the most about the NUSHU surf retreat are the incredible connections cultivated within the group of women in such a short time. Vanessa and the NUSHU team are such rays of light, drawing in the most beautiful and inspiring women around them. I am extremely grateful for being a part of the 2024 NUSHU Surf Retreat and cannot wait for the next one!
By Victoria L on 14 May, 2024
Nushu trips are always the perfect balance of adventure, amazing people, and deep care from their team. They choose the most beautiful locations and think of EVERY detail. LOVE these trips and this company!
By Ally B on 10 May, 2024
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Upstate Retreat last month (Feb 2024). Ally, Vanessa and the entire NUSHU team took tremendous care of us all, allowing me to really relax into the experience of being there — disconnected from the outside world yet more connected to my inner world than ever before. It was a dream!
By Polly G on 10 Mar, 2024