Past Trips


This trip was absolutely spectacular in every way! There were so many moments and experiences filled with so much love and gratitude, it really helped me take a step back and experience the art of living. I was able to take in the beauty of Mother Earth, try an abundance of new foods, meet so many wonderful people, and just feel so relaxed throughout this entire retreat. Thank you, ART Mvmt, for facilitating such a wholesome getaway.
By Monica R for ART Mvmnt | Food, Beverage & Wellness Retreat on Mar 14, 2023
This retreat was an absolutely unforgettable experience and life-changing! Olivia planned every detail of this event with so much intention and love, every day was so special in its own way. It was the perfect mix of excursions/activities that fed my soul and relaxing/low key nourishment through food, like-minded company, and reflective meditations & movement. I let go of so much stress on this retreat and was able to reconnect to myself and my life’s purpose. The food was INCREDIBLE and I loved all of my mocktail creations. I couldn’t recommend attending a retreat with Art MvMt more! Thank you Olivia for creating this experience and can’t wait to attend another retreat of yours soon!
By Jennie C for ART Mvmnt | Food, Beverage & Wellness Retreat on Mar 07, 2023


The Sedona, AZ retreat was everything I wanted! Movement, reflection, exploration and a cool art project of letting go my pent up frustrations and blocks. I highly recommend an ART Mvmnt retreat for an epic experience.
By Tracy B on 04 Aug, 2022