This journey was a life changing experience. Being in the jungle surrounded by the sounds of birds, monkeys and other animals felt like being at home or in the womb of Pachamama, meeting those wonderful, dignified, rooted and heartful guides and communities and their sincere intention to serve and protect la selva touched me and changed me. I feel like I have now a kind if family in the jungle. Everything went so smooth, because of the careful planning of the organisation, the heartful hostage of the Archuars and the flexible and creative adaption by our wonderful guide Estefania. She is a precious, competent and joyful bridge builder between the two worlds. The meals were delicious.. The quality, freshness and beautiful decoration turned every meal into a little feast and prayer. Our little adventure group was so caring for each other and amidst this naked beauty and aura of nature we all opened up so deeply. We laughed a lot and had a lot of deep sharings and brainstorms about how to support the vision to protect the forest and how to integrate our amazing experience into our daily life and relations. I know this will be a life-long connection with the pulse of life for me and will influence my decisions, actions and my being. I am grateful and still integrating. Makete!
By Martina w for Rainforest Immersion January 2024 on Jan 30, 2024