I had a great time. Fantastic food, great accommodation and the sights were spectacular. My guide Will went above and beyond to ensure the experience was unforgettable and he was an amazing photographer as well! The memories of that trip will last forever in my mind .
By Nancy V for Nancy Vertel x 1 – Machu Picchu + Montaña Colorida - 02/02/2024 (60%) on Feb 16, 2024
Tuvimos un fabuloso viaje. Lleno de gente única y realmente especial. Nos hicieron sentir cosas inolvidables. ........ Todo..... comida, hotel, paisajes, monumentos fueron una experiencia de altísima calidad.
By Andrés S for Andrés Sanchez x 2 – desafio Machu Picchu- 02/02/2024 on Feb 15, 2024
Beautiful places, very well-planned tours.
By Ursula S for Ursula Puello x 2, desafio Machu Picchu (40%) on Nov 23, 2023