Casa Pergola is like Shangri-La. Breath taking vistas, luxurious accomodations, brilliant meals served outdoors under the magic of a Sicilian sky. All of this is only surpassed by the giftedness of the hosts, David and Paul, who are gems of generosity and kindness. With a scene so impeccably set, creativity flourishes. Ron is a master, not only at painting, but at teaching, at knowing when intuitively to step in and when to hang back. His support is genuine and gentle and never condescending. Consider yourself lucky to study with such an artist. This is an unbeatable combination of luxury and study. I keep thanking my lucky stars!
By Bob R for Figure & Landscape Painting with Ron Frontin on May 21, 2018
Amazing! The beauty of this hilly countryside is unsurpassed, the views, endless. The villa is comfortable with all the amenities, the patios fantastic. The hospitality of our hosts ,Paul and David, exceeded all expectations. I felt pampered and completely content. The opportunity to paint with the guidance of Ron Frontin, a master painter, is a unique opportunity, one not to be forgotten. Thank you all!
By Paula S for Figure & Landscape Painting with Ron Frontin on May 09, 2018