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Fall Tastes of Tuscany - October 19 - 26, 2024
Fall Tastes of Tuscany - October 19 - 26, 2024
50022 Panzano, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy
19 Oct, 2024


We had a great time! Thank you for this wonderful experience. Let us know if you get a Sicily trip organized. We had so much fun. Pete, you're a wonderful guy to follow around the countryside with. The food, drink, company, and the one game, and the great itinerary of food and drink, with animals and lessons was more than we could have imagined. ML
By Mary L for Tastes of Tuscany - September 10-17, 2023 on Oct 03, 2023
Absolutely a wonderful tour! Our group was so much fun! We had great conversations every day and I think learned so much from each other. Every experience was well planned and so informative. The Farm to table experiences were awesome. We ate fantastic food all day long, wonderful wines at lunch and dinner. and always a sweet treat at night and I for one did not gain an oz!! Yes, we walked 4-6 miles a day but it never felt like it was too much.... or even like "exercise"! The Italians know the secret!! I hope you will consider this type experience in your European Travels!!
By Gail B R for Tastes of Tuscany - September 3-10, 2023 on Sep 30, 2023
Words cannot convey how much we enjoyed this trip! The scenery, food, experiences were all more than expected. Pete was a wonderful tour guide. We were always on the go, but at a perfect pace. Top priority was to enjoy yourself and take in the beauty of Italy. Just sit back and enjoy the fine food and wine.
By Lisa R for Tastes of Tuscany - September 3-10, 2023 on Sep 28, 2023