We had a fantastic time in London. EdOdyssey’s team of talented coordinators and guides ensured that our students were able to safely experience a wide breath of London’s culture and fine arts. Thank you to Jules and Maddie for making this an extraordinary adventure for us!
By Maureen B for St. Mary's School - Fine Arts and Culture in London Field Study on Apr 05, 2024
The trip was truly a wonderful experience for me as a teacher and for our students; they learned about different cultural aspects from food to politics, many of which can't be really understood unless experienced first-hand. Luis connected with the students very well and provided much insight into Peru's current socio-economic situation and the daily life of Peruvians. The combination of daily experiences was unique- from sightseeing around Miraflores to visiting Corazón de Jesus School and from the beautiful sights in Cusco and Machu Picchu to creating an authentic meal with our Chinese-Peruvian Chef, each experience provided memories that we will not forget!
By Selma C for Loyola Blakefield Peru Immersion & Solidarity Program 2023 on Jul 23, 2023
Our son had a transformative experience during this program. The activities organized gave him a wonderful view of Peru, from its food, culture, art & people. It was very difficult for him to choose which of the events was his favorite. He was in awe of the beauty on the trip to Cuscos and Machu Picchu, but truly enjoyed the day spent with Peruvian students. We are all very grateful for the opportunity for him to explore Peru.
By Eli E for Loyola Blakefield Peru Immersion & Solidarity Program 2023 on Jul 10, 2023