This was an amazing week. Retreat was well organized, fun and relaxing all at the same time. The location was great, staff was outstanding and the food was so fresh. Thank you again Pierce and Rachel for an introspective, relaxing and meditative week. Was very well done and enjoyed :)
By Laura M for 2020 Yoga Retreat in Cambodia with Rachel and Pierce on 14 Mar, 2020
Rachel and Pierce led an amazing retreat. The classes were structured perfectly and i appreciated all the different types of yoga we learned!! They were also great guides to the area. We had a perfect amount of group activities and also solo time. I made amazing new friends, and would love to go on another trip with them.
By Amy S for 2020 Yoga Retreat in Cambodia with Rachel and Pierce on 11 Mar, 2020
Pierce and Rachel planned a wonderful, welcoming and wholly safe retreat, with delicious fresh meals every day, thoughtful yoga classes for our energy level throughout the week, and plenty of downtime. Rather than have an overly full agenda every day packed with activities, they simply let us know what was around in the area and we could take part (or not!) in whatever sounded like what we need. Activities included taking a bike or tuk tuk to the town center, exploring a nearby pepper farm, visiting the beach (about 45 min away) or a nearby national park, visiting a women's spa that trains and employs local Khmer women, or just some kayaking on the river. Pierce also offered the option to book 2-hour Thai massages with him, too. The accommodations are very comfortable and relaxing, even given super hot Cambodia climate. The staff and local people are incredibly kind and always able to help you. Lots of amusing, adorable kitties and pups around the grounds of Les Manguiers who love to play. I would note for newcomers that Cambodia is very humble and simple, and patient and understanding mindset will go a long way to making sure you get the most out of this beautiful experience. Just tiny small stuff, like the long drive in can be quite dusty as the roads are very new. There may be small lizards sometimes in your room, for example and of course mosquitos (although the beds have beautiful lacy mosquito nets - use them!). And showering is not like a luxury hotel with high pressure and steamy hot water - although, you may find the river (which is clean and slightly salty, very good for your skin) much more efficient and comfortable for a good soak! That being said, if you've ever been camping or you already love the outdoors, you'll be just fine! This is also a completely accessible retreat for someone new to SE Asia or international travel - we had a few newbies in our group, as well. Absolutely nothing stressful at all here, all your concerns just melt away. I went in expecting just a nice tropical week of relaxing and left being much more in love with Cambodia than I ever expected. would absolutely LOVE to do this trip again and highly recommend Pierce and Rachel as guides!
By Suzette H for Cambodia Yoga Retreat 2019 with Rachel Sherron and Pierce Doerr on 19 Mar, 2019