The overall trip was a wonderful experience. It was apparent a lot of pre-planning was done toward accommodations, excursions, the World Cup tickets and transportation, and so on. Thank you for all of this. Alex as a U.S. trip leader was not only great with keeping us all together and making sure the trip ran smoothly, but also was a part of the trip toward engaging with all the travelers and being a part of our experience. Ian, as our in country trip leader was just as great with his participation, helpfulness, organization skills, and the knowledge he shared about his home country and his all together friendliness. Both should be commended for the awesome experience they provided for this trip and their care of all of us. "Patience is a virtue" and both exhibited this wholeheartedly to make sure everyone was a part of the group and also being taken care of. On another note, only thing that could have been better would be a bit more communication on the front end after everything was paid (April??). A few short messages that let the participants know they didn't send their money, etc. to a "scam" situation. Just "hello emails" or something. It did come down to about the Sunday before whereby a message went out on "Band" asking for an itinerary. For myself, the lack of ongoing/continued communication, and then no real itinerary until a couple days before departure created a lot of stress and angst. I hope this is constructive as it is not meant to be harsh or anything else. In closing, an awesome trip and experience that was provided by awesome guides and companies. Again, I thank you for a trip of great memories.
By Brooke M for FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 - Follow Team USA on Aug 08, 2023
A fantastic time! Great accommodations and very organized. A great mix of sightseeing and watching soccer! I would definitely plan a future trip with this company!
By Stefanie T for FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 - Follow Team USA on Aug 05, 2023
We had a great time! The tour was well organized with few, if any, snafus. The activities were fun and the guides were very informative. There was a good balance between planned activities and free time to explore. Alex and Ian were great! The accommodations were quite comfortable and the locations were good for walking around and exploring. Our group really got along well and everyone looked out for each other. Thanks for a wonderful trip!
By Andrea W for FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 - Follow Team USA on Aug 04, 2023