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Very quick an effective way to travel between islands in Galapagos
By John H for JAS-01-24-0801 (flight to Santa Cruz) on Jan 28, 2024
We had a fabulous time. Ship was comfortable, crew were great and the guides were fantastic. It was an overall brilliant experience and we got more than we bargained for.
By Karen A for CTL-01-23-0412 Citrus Luxury Galapagos cruise deposit 20% on Dec 23, 2023
Overall we had a fantastic time! The tour guides were fantastic, well versed and such a pleasure to spend time with to learn about each city. The hotels were beautiful and very nice. The hotel breakfasts were fairly good, there were a few days that we left too early to have a meal, but overall, it was nice to have them included. We really appreciated the airport transfers, especially in country. Everything was extremely well planned and accommodating. There were a few things that Ron and I thought would be "good to know" that we learned once we were there. Cambio - our first tour guide didn't explain how to exchange money. We learned the hard way and went to an ATM and could only draw a certain amount and had exorbitant fees. When we learned about a Cambio it was brilliant! Salta- our tour guide mentioned to us that he often does tours within multiple cities and stays in the multiple cities. I think this would be nice to offer as the days were long and there was a lot of driving. I wouldn't have changed my experience at all, just thought it might be nice to offer another option if folks do not like riding in cards for a long time. Information on the cities-We enjoyed reaching each of the cities and having a full day to tour around. The one thing we wished we would have done was more research on things to do. Check in wasn't until 3pm, the hotels were accommodating and stored our luggage, but we didn't realize how much we needed to know what we wanted to do prior. This is a personal preference, other folks may not feel this way at all. Thank you so much for making our honeymoon such an incredible experience!!
By Kathrine M for ARG-NNJ-01-23-0211 on Nov 27, 2023