Fernando was an incredible guide - perfect mix of informative and hilarious. Nico catered to our vegan diet with authentic Peruvian cuisine. Awesome trip, just the 2 of us and the guide!
By Owen R for 5-Day Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu Camping (Low Cost) on Jul 17, 2023
First of all the Trek was really nice, we had a good time and good food for the activities! But we had a problem with visiting machu picchu. As you cant read anywhere on the homepage of quechua that there are 4 areas for visiting we thought that we are going to the THE viewpoint. But after all of the walking days we could only see it from the other, lower side. It wasn´t what we expected we booked. Furthermore everywhere you can read you must book your ticket to Machu Picchu very early. We booked the trip like 10 weeks before going, but the organisation booked our entrance tickets only two weeks before the visit. So everyone can imagine that there are only tickets for the last category left....
By Jana O for 5 Day Glamping Salkantay Trek with Sky View Dome on Dec 05, 2022
I would not recommend booking with this company. The Quechuas Expeditions website explicitly says "we NEVER pass our people onto another operator as most agencies do here". However, that is the very first thing that happened. I was passed off to two different operators during my 4 day trip. We did not follow the itinerary at all. On the 2nd night, my guide from the first operator informed me that I would be changing lodges the following morning, a journey that took 5 hours and was not on the itinerary. Because I joined a different group, they were on a different schedule of activities, so I did some activities from my itinerary twice and others not at all. Finally, I learned that I paid 2-3x as much as others on my tour. I understand that booking in advance online costs more, but not that much more, especially because we did not even follow the itinerary that I paid for. It seems that for what I was charged, I could have stayed in a much nicer lodge and had a way better experience. The individual guides were qualified and nice, and I did go to the Chuncho clay lick which is what I was most looking forward to, so at least there is that.
By Sheridan W for 4 Day Upper Tambopata Chuncho Macaw Clay Lick and Sandoval Lake on Nov 24, 2022