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Ramón Ramos Alayo is a Cuban-born dancer, teacher, choreographer and the founder and artistic director of the Alayo Dance Company and CubaCaribe. Ramos was selected by the Cuban government to study dance in Santiago de Cuba at age eleven. In 1990 he earned a masters degree in contemporary and folkloric dance and dance education from Havana’s National School of Art. He was the principal dancer with Danza del Caribe in Santiago and Narciso Medina Contemporary Dance Company in Havana and performed in Cuba, Europe, Canada, Belize and the U.S. Since moving to California in 1997, he has performed with some of the most respected choreographers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ramon has been leading dance trips to Cuba since 2001.


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There is not one thing i didn't LOVE about this trip! Everything was well organized; transportation (punctual), hotel stay (clean), class schedule and location (on time and spacious), breakfasts and dinners (food and service excellent), and many activities to participate in. Amy and Ramon, along with all of the dance instructors, are kind, knowledgeable, reliable, and just down-right fun people!!
By Julie Sinner for Dance in Cuba! July 2018 on Jul 26, 2018
What a wonderful, unique, experience. I had so much fun and learned so much about Cuba, it's people, history and culture. The dancing and dance classes were amazing and definitely played into my understanding of the very rich culture that is so much a part of the people and place. The program was organized in a way that allowed as much 'free time' as one may want yet Amy seemed to have suggestions or planned outings if you so choose . Ramon opened up his home (and his sisters') to two wonderful fiestas, that felt truly authentic, super delicious (pig roast and those tamales!!) and too much fun. My accommodations were very comfortable and my hosts were wonderful, friendly and helpful. This was an experience that will stay with me. Thank you so much Amy and Ramon.
Best Trip of the decade! I had so much fun learning cuban dance and exploring Santiago and Havana with the wonderful group. Amy was a superb guide and kept us maxed out with cultural options and fun opportunities to learn and integrate. The warm community of Cuban dancers and musicians has made a life-changing impact on how I see the world. Recommend x 1 million! -Lisa Light
By lisa light for Dance in Cuba! July 2018 on Jul 25, 2018
I had an amazing trip! The teachers and musicians were wonderful. The trip organizers were spot on! Amy was a great guide to unique things to do in Havan.a. Her enthusiasm for all things Cuban was wonderful! They had incredible suggestions for things to do...live music, dancing, art walks. It was especially wonderful getting the opportunity to meet Cubans vs. being just a tourist. I loved it!
By Lyssa Paul for Dance in Cuba! July 2018 on Jul 18, 2018
Thank you Ramon & Amy! I had a wonderful time with the great group of dancers and teachers and family hosts Cuba is a fascinating and beautiful country, very warm and welcoming people. The only problem for me was with lack of internet communication in Santiago and not always knowing when meet up times were. Cheers, Barbara
By Barbara Hunt for Dance in Cuba! Dec 2017 on Jan 08, 2018
Thank you, Amy and Ramon, for a fulfilling dance trip to Cuba. I couldn't have asked for better instructors, both in Havana and Santiago. Their professionalism and teaching abilities were high quality. The number of drummers we had at each class made for such a powerful immersion. Our accommodations in both locations were very comfortable and in great locations. The food was also delicious. I really appreciated knowing in advance that we could schedule private classes with the teachers and what the rate would be, and then to have the teachers ready and willing to schedule classes on the fly when we were there. They couldn't have been more accommodating to our needs as dance /drum students. This trip is definitely one that can meet the needs of any type of dancer -- from a professional to a social dancer. It is one where you get out of it what you put into it, and what you choose to do with your time there. Amy and Ramon offer a great balance of structure and flexibility, and I deeply appreciated both aspects. Thanks for providing a life-changing dance experience. Cuba is forever a part of my heart. xo
Amazing. Ramon arranges to have very high-quality dance instructors that impart knowledge of the culture and meanings of afro-cuban dance traditions along with teaching us the dances. There are a solid 3 hours of dance class each day, with a mix of folkloric afro-cuban classes along with more popular dances (salsa, rumba, rueda). Also, you get to learn afro-cuban Haitian dances that come from eastern Cuba, a unique opportunity. Importantly, for the popular dance classes we are assigned a professional dance partner to dance with us -- what a treat! They were all amazing dancers and we got to dance with them every day. In addition, this trip attracts a mix of interesting adventurous people who are respectful and open to learning about the Cuban culture. The dance classes end by about noon each day, leaving ample time for participants to explore Havana and Santiago as they wish. Also, Ramon arranges for a local person to be our "guide" ensuring that we figure out practical issues (like exchanging money, getting laundry done, finding cabs, etc.) as well as an artistic/cultural guide, who helped us learn about cultural opportunities (good museum exhibits, art venues, etc.) and shared interesting historical and cultural perspectives on Cuba. Ramon also arranges for us to eat at interesting paladares that were delicious and that we could not find on our own.
By Leticia Miranda for Dance in Cuba (May) on Jan 13, 2017
This was a dance focused trip to Cuba- 3 hours a day of instruction by expert teachers and live drummers, plus lots of opportunities after for practice. It was without a doubt one of my favorite trips - beautiful country with warm and welcoming people, rich culture and an immersive experience! The extra day Ramon organized to the river was definitely one of the highlights! Muchas gracias!!!!
By Kyoko Yamada for Dance in Cuba (July) on Jul 24, 2016
I cannot express in enough words what an amazing experience it was. I cannot wait to go back.
By Melanie Greene for Dance in Cuba (July) on Jul 19, 2016
It was a magical and beautiful trip! Ramon leads an incredible dance study tour that is the perfect "un-tourist" experience. There was ample time for both dance study and exploring the cities of Havana and Santiago! The group I was with were amazing. Lifetime friendships were made on that trip!
By amara smith for Dance in Cuba (May) on Jun 14, 2016
The trip was an absolute blast, from dance lessons in the morning (after excellent breakfast at main case, and hotel in Santiago) to various wandering and discoveries in the afternoon, equally excellent dinners, more dancing with our teachers at clubs in the evening, or attending phenomenal ballet and jazz performances. All this thanks to Ramon, and other organizers, who were superb, caring, attentive. Talk about value for money!
By Andrew Ross for Dance in Cuba (May) on Jun 12, 2016
Ramon, thank you so much for everything including introducing us to amazing amazing dance teachers and dancers to organizing such a dynamic group of people to travel with. Now I'm back in Panama but I'm already planning my next trip! See you in San Francisco!
By Alisa Clayton for Dance in Cuba (May) on Jun 05, 2016
Amazing!!!!! One of the best trips I've been on Ramon and Susanna were wonderful! Best hosts and best trip!!!
This is my second trip with Ramon and I had a wonderful time as before. I highly recommend to someone who wants to have a true Cuba experience.
By amy levine for Dance in Cuba december on Jan 29, 2016