Rebecca is an incredible teacher. She puts so much time and care into planning and executing her retreats. She is so mindful to make sure everyone feels included and comfortable. Her teaching is outside the box - if you have been doing yoga for a bit, you will love the fresh new way she teaches. If you're a newbie, you will be grateful for all the access points she provides and support she gives. She is a gifted teacher and a retreat with her will leave you changed in the best way.
By Elizabeth I on 29 Dec, 2019
I highly recommend any of Rebecca Jo’s retreats. I love her online classes and have had the pleasure of attending two retreats, in Tulum, Mexico and most recently, Portugal. Both retreats were well organized, but flexible enough to satisfy the wants and needs of the group as well as the individual. I have RA and was concerned that I would feel intimidated or unable to keep up. She structured the classes to enable students of all ages and levels to fully participate and get the most out of the experience. Beyond the classes, she took the time to provide me with techniques such as breathing exercises that could be woven into my very stressful work life when I returned home. Rebecca Jo planned amazing experiences and excursions. She made it clear from the start that we could do all of it or none of it. It was our retreat. Both retreats were in beautiful locations. It’s all in the details. The food and accommodations were amazing. Transportation was well thought out in advance for the group or individual side trips. From start to finish, it was a lovely stress-free adventure. I can’t wait to go again!
By Tamera P on 15 Dec, 2019