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Rebekkah LaDyne M.S.

About Me

Rebekkah brings over 20 years of teaching experience and more than 15 years of client experience to her work. She shares mind-body wellness and somatic integration tools that truly change lives. Modern life can too easily throw us off, and we can find ourselves far from our natural balance and well-being. Rebekkah helps her clients to re-train their brain and nervous system thereby returning to their unique homeostatic balance. Rebekkah helps her clients live happier lives. She works with clients who are searching for more presence and ease, and others who struggle with anxiety, depression, difficult relationships, self-care, and more. Via her graduate studies, she researched mind-body modalities from many traditions to discover which are the greatest change makers available to us today. She incorporates these evidence-based approaches into her sessions and classes. She works at the intersections of brain science, mindfulness practice, and somatic regulation.

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