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Our trip to Argentina was amazing - Breath taking scenery, friendly and insightful guides and delicious food everywhere. Thank you Nora Koblinc and the Anda Travel team - you were all superb from start (planning of the itinerary to suit our ambitions), middle (smooth transitions and support all the way thru, including booking restaurants, recommendations, room with wifi in the middle of no-where for a work call ... no question or ask was too small), to finish! Best regards Patel Family
By Bijal Patel for Tejal Patel´s family trip to Argentina (copy) on Jun 01, 2023
Este viaje fue una experiencia extraordinaria. A mí me encantó estar en la naturaleza del deserto de Atacama. Desfrutar del paseo a Olmué. Conocer los guías y vivenciar el encuentro con ellos. Recomendo ANDA Travel para los que quieren desfrutar del deserto en toda securidad. El personal de la agencia es muy atencioso y estuve en contacto con ellos durante el viaje. Eso me fue muy provechoso. Así que pienso volver a viajar con ANDA travel por todo que a hecho por mi en ese viaje.
By Susana Inez Bleil for Susana Bleil´s trip to Chile on May 10, 2023
Sandra at ANDA travel coordinated a private tour of Buenos Aires for myself and my spouse to fill the gap between our very early morning disembarkation from a cruise and our late afternoon flight home. We had specific interests and limited time - she worked with us to adapt the itinerary to our needs. The guide - Gala - was excellent. She was passionate about her city and country and its history, food, people. She is fluent in several languages and easily flipped back and forth between English and Spanish. A+ experience. We will be back. Thank you!!! Highly recommend!!
By Yolanda Madarnas for Yolanda Madarna - City Tour Buenos Aires on Jan 16, 2023
Dear Yolanda, this is so wonderful to hear, thank you for this review and we will certainly let Gala know how happy you were with her as your guide. We appreciate you taking the time for this feedback and hope to see you again. Warm regards, Sandra & team
By ANDA travel Argentina on Jan 17, 2023