Past Trips


I didn't know what to expect but let me tell you- Toi= 5 stars= highly recommended. I'd like to sign up for more please. Regarding the trip, HN has truly shown the beauty of a country. Colombia as we know, has a bad wrap, but I figured if Richard loves it, it must be ok... but i was still wary. I have come home and am working with my family to plan a trip there together. Thank you HN for a wonderful experience!
By Paynesha A for Colombia 2024 on Feb 12, 2024
Our vacay to Cartagena was magnificent❣️ Toi was a great Ambassador who made sure we experienced multiple aspects of Colombian culture. Palinque was my absolute favorite journey taken but learning to crack coconuts and cook (which I don’t) with Chef Jazmine was fantastic fun 🤩
By Veronica H for Colombia 2024 on Feb 08, 2024
This was my 1st Haitian Nomad trip and thoroughly enjoyed the scheduled (and not soo scheduled) activities. The group was small which was perfect as my 1st group trip. We were able to really get to know each other and enjoy all experiences. This was my 1st HN trip but will not be my last. Thank you
By Samaria M for The Philippines 2024 on Feb 07, 2024


I traveled to the Maldives with Haitian Nomad and it was an experience I will never forget. I will be purchasing the membership! I am looking forward to traveling in the future with this group. Their trips are just my style! Thank you❤️
By Phinon B on 12 Feb, 2023
This was my first trip with Haitian Nomad and I must say " It was AMAZING!!!" I have enjoyed every excursions! My focus was the experiences. The History sites were impressive, the Temples, The surprised dinner, the hot air balloon, the Nubians village I can go on and on... Haitian Nomad team is very well organized, you can tell they did everything possible to make sure we had a wonderful time! ***Highly recommended!!! Richard, Toi, and Rames! Thank you! And Well done! 👏 💝🥰
By Johanne M on 09 Dec, 2022
I traveled to Egypt this month with Toi and Ramez. This trip was overwhelming it far exceeded my expectations. I want to travel with you all again. I felt safe I was comfortable, and they covered all bases. This trip was amazing. Thank you I can't wait to go on the next adventure.
By Lalescia H on 30 Nov, 2022