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Benin & Togo: 2023
Benin & Togo: 2023
Bénin and Togo
03 Apr, 2023
Turkey 2023
Turkey 2023
İstanbul, Turkey
21 Apr, 2023
Vio's Bday Celebration in Colombia!
Vio's Bday Celebration in Colombia!
Cartagena, Cartagena Province, Bolivar, Colombia
16 Oct, 2023

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WOW! This was truly an EXPERIENCE most can not comprehend or wish they could be apart of. This was a Homecoming trip from me and Haitian Nomad came and did not hold back to the LUXE product that they gave. The amount of details and coordination to stay at some of the top places in the world feel as if for a second I was transported from a regular life to a life that you only read or see on TV. From Staying at the Kings Raid with a butler, and host of staff, to an Oasis where my room was more of a small house with a large yard and pool. Words can describe the amount of fun from hosting a Tea Party to, sand surfing and just enjoying the culture and fine tastes was amazing. I am already scanning the next destinations they have to offer. Take this 6 star and and keep giving your clients the best.
By ALEXANDER R for Morocco LUXE 2023 on 20 Mar, 2023
This trip was incredible; Richard was excellent.. caring, and knowledgeable from day one. It was so nice not to have the responsibility of the planning. He made all the preparation for our travel needs easy, and we felt reassured that all was taken care of. The hotels, amenities, and service were terrific, and the food was phenomenal! Yes hiccups, but the good thing is you have someone else working to solve it instead of just you. I suggest more downtime (free time) at the Royal Mansour. Overall: Exceeded expectations. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!
By Tameika R for Morocco LUXE 2023 on 20 Mar, 2023
The Morocco LUXE trip lived up to the promotion and itinerary. The trip was first class from start to finish. Once again, Haitian Nomad proved itself as a premier travel company with another well curated trip. The opportunity to stay in two world class hotels along with 3 additional locations that provided 4 star service was enjoyable. The food offerings, the opportunity to shop and tour Marrakech were all well thought out. Ideally, if we could have spent more time at Royal Mansour that would have been great but given the itinerary and all that was scheduled, I don't feel like I missed out on anything. While I enjoyed our excursion and stay in the Sahara, I wish it didn't take so much time to get there. Not sure there is a way to get around that given the location. If Morocco is a future destination offered, I would suggest making the Sahara optional and if there are a certain number of travelers wishing to make the journey, then allowing them to do so while others may opt to stay in the Old City during that span of time. During the entire trip, there was never a need unmet or a question unanswered. Directions were clear and concise, information was overflowing, the fellow travelers were amazing and I would agree that this is one of the best groups I've had the pleasure of traveling with. Unbelievable how Haitian Nomad tops itself from trip to trip. Keep up the amazing work!
By Vincent A for Morocco LUXE 2023 on 19 Mar, 2023


I traveled to the Maldives with Haitian Nomad and it was an experience I will never forget. I will be purchasing the membership! I am looking forward to traveling in the future with this group. Their trips are just my style! Thank you❤️
By Phinon B on 12 Feb, 2023
This was my first trip with Haitian Nomad and I must say " It was AMAZING!!!" I have enjoyed every excursions! My focus was the experiences. The History sites were impressive, the Temples, The surprised dinner, the hot air balloon, the Nubians village I can go on and on... Haitian Nomad team is very well organized, you can tell they did everything possible to make sure we had a wonderful time! ***Highly recommended!!! Richard, Toi, and Rames! Thank you! And Well done! 👏 💝🥰
By Johanne M on 09 Dec, 2022
I traveled to Egypt this month with Toi and Ramez. This trip was overwhelming it far exceeded my expectations. I want to travel with you all again. I felt safe I was comfortable, and they covered all bases. This trip was amazing. Thank you I can't wait to go on the next adventure.
By Lalescia H on 30 Nov, 2022