Scammed out of a LOT of money. Location was not where she said, I prepaid transportation and had to come out of pocket again to leave resort because she (Rika Bunche) never paid the resort. Another woman had to pay $23k because Rika never paid the resort. It was a MESS. There were over 70 women who paid close to $2000-3000 each and this woman just scammed us all. I have tried to get help with this situation with the travel insurance I bought but I’ve gotten no help.
By Courtney O for MOMent in Paradise Jamaica on Apr 17, 2023
I had a great time. The restaurant choices were amazing. The room and views of the beach were beautiful. A much needed MOMent and I’m glad it was here.
By Danielle B for MOMent in Paradise DR on Mar 25, 2022
I had a great time for my first experience. Although there was some disorganization with the resort staff our organizer Rika did a great job handling everything and making sure we were take care of! Thank you Rika!
By Myah H for MOMent in Paradise DR on Mar 24, 2022