The best travel experience I've had. Blended the best of community travel while still remaining a guided all inclusive tours. I reflected with my partner afterwards that this would be the ideal way to travel every time we could.
By Zachary P for RISE Experiential Journey Summer 2022 on 20 Sep, 2022
I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the experience organized and led by RISE Travel Institute and Etnica. Vincie and Jodi made sure we had a great trip that enhanced everything we learned in the RISE Flagship course. Sofia came along as our group trip leader and was absolutely amazing, always on top of things and making sure everyone was taken care of and that we were learning and getting the most from our trip. Every activity, every accommodation, every meal was special and well-planned to support the local economy rather than big foreign corporations. They are actively working to support the indigenous people as they preserve their amazing culture and traditions. I can't say enough good about the phenomenal work they are doing. This is an example of a travel company that is doing GOOD, not causing harm. I wholeheartedly recommend both RISE and Etnica and would definitely travel with them again.
By Lily F for RISE Experiential Journey Summer 2022 on 22 Aug, 2022